Brain children I want to cosplay (+ digital art)

Hi fellow nerds!

I wanted to make a post about some original characters I want to cosplay, but I wanted to include some kind of picture of them, so I took a very long time to check color schemes, sketching different designs and once I got something I was happy, I ended up redesigning them again after some time again, lol. Well, I can say they're finished now. These are my Dungeons and Dragons characters. Sure I have some other original characters I made in the past for different types of role plays and yeah I want to rewrite and redesign them, but I'm not as invested in them as I am in these lovely ladies. :^) 

Name: Vamppi/Isabella
Race: Halfling
Class: Cleric

This brave little halfling was the first character I created. Originally she was a bard, but since our group fucked up the game so badly we had start over again, we got a chance to change things up with our characters. All of us kept the names and races the same, but class was the one we wanted to change, so I ended up being cleric. :) Vamppi is kind and caring, but sometimes childish in her bad days. Because of her childishness and small size, she's often mistaken for a child, haha. She's also very curious, which leads her to all kinds of trouble.

Name: Mystery (yes, literally)
Race: Tiefling
Class: Sorcerer

Mystery was originally created for a one-shot game, but ended up keeping her in the campaign along with all the other party members. Mystery is a book-nerd kind of a girl, who loves cats. She's very into studying and learning, especially when it comes to her powers. Later on she started working as a librarian and on occasion help out a certain mad scientist with his projects. Her personality can only be described with a word: neutral. She doesn't make any facial expressions and kinda looks dead inside most of the time. I really ended up liking her a lot. <3

Name: Hecat Zalderen
Race: Tiefling
Class: Fighter (Archer)

Another tiefling? When I created her, I wanted to basically roll the dice while making this character, gender, race etc.. The character herself started to take more shape when I started playing as her. She was made for Summer games we had, and ended up having her to this campaign we're playing now. 
Hecat comes from a rich and influential family, but thanks to her fathers violent behavior, she along a few siblings ran away, joined certain guilds and started going on adventures. Hecat is a bit dumb, silly girl, who only means well. Values her friends and her siblings a lot. :')

So yeah, this was it. Cosplay-wise, I'll most likely start either from Mystery or Hecat. I just want to cosplay a character with horns. :'D
Hope you enjoyed me rambling about my brain children <3

 This is it for now. Byee!


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