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Chibicon Oulu 2018!

Hi fellow kids!
I went to Chibicon last weekend in Oulu, Pohjankartano! This time my boyfriend Kim and a friend of mine, Pipatius as my company. Trip started early Saturday morning since my car have been acting up and I didn't dare to drive to Oulu with it.. so I left my car to my dad so he can check what's wrong. My Donald Duck kind of luck. Me and Kim walked to the bus stop near us and soon, deeper in Simo, Pipatius would join us in the same bus. Nothing interesting happened during the trip. We just snacked and talked shit as per usual. :) I was very happy spending time with Pipatius, my school work have been eating me up with early mornings and days that seem to never end, it was really therapeutic talking to a friend. <3

I remember getting to the convention building, seeing the line to get tickets. It was long and it was a bit chilly outside, but hey, that's all about how you dress up. I didn't feel like putting on a cosplay. Originally I was planning to cospla…