Makeup for Dummies - Eyes and eyebrows

Eyes are basically the most important part of cosplay makeup and they need a lot of attention, but no need to worry. Even a soft eyeliner does a big difference. I remember this one convention I forgot my whole bag of makeup and there was this really nice girl with a sweet lolita gear, who borrowed me a mascara and an angled brush to do my lashes and eyeliner. She was a saint!

"For perfect eyemakeup you don't need to be a makeup artist, you just need time and a lot of practice"
- Mariela Sarkima

Lets begin with the basics, products and what they do:

- Makes it look like you have more volume on your lashes
-Shapes your eye
- Makes your eyes look bigger (which is great when you wanna look like a moe anime character)

- Gives your eyes that three-dimensional look with lighter and darker colors
- Highlights your eye color 
- Again, makes your eyes look bigger and gives depth to your look

- Highlights and darkens your lashes
- Opens up your eyes
- Finishes your eyemakeup

Next would be the brushes/tools you'll need! (I'm only listing the basic ones, these brushes has a lot of variety when it comes to sizes, shapes and hair. But these are the ones I use and honestly don't need much more)

Eyeshadow brush

This is a good tool to really get the color of your eyeshadow in. When I need to pack colors, this one is my go-to brush. This brush comes with many kinds of hairs, but mine is fairly soft, but it does it's job.

Blending brush

The name says it. This is used to blend your eyeshadow. Also you can apply colors with this one, but the result will be really soft. :) The hairs of this brush is a lot softer than eyeshadow brushes and also it's bigger. Ideal for blending <3

Angled brush

I use these babies for eyebrows mostly (especially the small black one), but it can also be used for eyeliner. For example if you're using a pencil liner, you need to usually seal it with eyeshadow so it will stay better. I prefer liquid eyeliners, but sometimes I have my soft moments and using these brushes gives soft  results :)

Ohh boi, we're still going! For this one I actually want to give you a demo of one of many ways to do your eyemakeup. This one is pretty classic one to go with, but it's my go-to look. :)

I used this nude palette by Maybelline New York. It's a bit worn, but it's my most used palette. I love the neutral colors, it's easy to give eyes depth and shape with this one.

1. So what I did, I started with a light color (close to my skintone) and added it to my whole lid with the eyeshadow brush 
2. I added a slightly darker color (light matte brown) to my crease, to create a bit depth and help making the end result as airbrushed as possible (I used blending brush for this). 
3. Took the eyeshadow brush again and packed dark brown to 1/3 part of my lid and blended it. (Putting dark colors to my inner corner makes my eyes a lot smaller)
4. Took a bit of black eyeshadow and added it to outer corner, not covering the whole dark brown, but creating depth with it.

Then I added liquid eyeliner, curled my lashes and put mascara. I could add false eyelashes to finish this look, but I don't have any atm. ^^'' Sure I could put color to lower lid too, but I wanted to make this demonstration as simple as possible (also I rarely add anything to lower lid). This is basically what I started with, but not this well :'D


For eyebrows I only use an angled brush and eyeshadow. When I need to color them to match my wig, I take white pencil liner and go over my eyebrows and then take the color of eyeshadow that I need. Usually I go with a basic eyebrow shape (Unless the character I cosplay has some kind of iconic eyebrows which of course I try to follow).

Plugged and colored (I used the small angled brush, it's my go-to with eyebrows). If your eyebrows are long and out of control, you can use eyebrow gel to tame them and give them the shape you want. These gels also comes with colors, so you don't necessarily have to work with eye shadow and small brushes. 

Phew! I guess this is all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope this was helpful. :)


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