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Makeup for Dummies - Eyes and eyebrows

Eyes are basically the most important part of cosplay makeup and they need a lot of attention, but no need to worry. Even a soft eyeliner does a big difference. I remember this one convention I forgot my whole bag of makeup and there was this really nice girl with a sweet lolita gear, who borrowed me a mascara and an angled brush to do my lashes and eyeliner. She was a saint!

"For perfect eyemakeup you don't need to be a makeup artist, you just need time and a lot of practice" - Mariela Sarkima

Lets begin with the basics, products and what they do:
Liner: - Makes it look like you have more volume on your lashes -Shapes your eye - Makes your eyes look bigger (which is great when you wanna look like a moe anime character)
Eyeshadow: - Gives your eyes that three-dimensional look with lighter and darker colors - Highlights your eye color  - Again, makes your eyes look bigger and gives depth to your look
Mascara: - Highlights and darkens your lashes - Opens up your eyes - Finishes…