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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Makeup for dummies - Prepping your skin

Hi! I know I'm really antisocial, but now I'm finally dropping a post here!

I'm pretty sure that every cosplayer regardless of gender will use makeup at some point. Let's face it, it really does improve the cosplay as a whole. Well.. I've studied makeup and skincare for 2 years, so I guess I'm qualified to talk about this kind of stuff. I also have a few books and materials from a few makeup courses that I've kept. I will use them a lot making these posts. I will make this a series, where I'll go through different parts of makeup and skincare from cosplayers point of view.


First thing I wanna do pretty much every convention day, would be cleansing my face. Clean, treated skin => Skin on point => Makeup on point. Straight guys too, take care of your skin, it's not gay!
Find a cleanser that matches your skin type. For example, if your skin is dry, get cleanser and toner for dry skin, aka. moisturizing products. Here, I'll list the types here:
  • Dry skin: Dehydrated, has rough patches and flakes.
  • Combination skin: Oily in some parts (usually the T-zone), dry from the other parts. The most common skin type.
  • Oily skin: Noticeable shine, feeling over-all tacky and slick.
  • Normal skin: Ideal skin type. Skin feels smooth, with no extra shine or dry spots.
  • Surface dry skin: Close to normal skin, but with slight dryness in a few spots

If you still aren't too sure about your skin type, you can always go to your local beautician :))) Knowing your skin type helps a lot with choosing makeup foundation that works with your skin. I'll get to that in the next post! 

Now let's move on to the cleansing products.

  • Cleansing milk/oil: The name says it all, it cleanses and nourishes you face. Removes oil and dirt from your face.
  • Toner: Tightens pores and removes traces of the excess oil and dirt your cleansing milk/oil couldn't remove.
  • Moisturizer: Obviously, moisturizes your face. After toner your skin might feel tingly and probably a bit dry. Some people think that the "greasier" and heavier the moisturizer, the better, but that's not the case at all. Especially if you're under 50-years old, that heavy stuff pretty much weighs your face down. Try to find a light one that still does it's job. ^^ Trust me, you'll find it.
  • Primer: Creates a smooth base for foundation. Combats shine and helps your makeup last longer. You'll need that at conventions.
These are pretty much the products I use for prepping my skin before putting makeup. It's a nice base for any makeup pretty much. I could add exfoliating there too, but usually I do that the night before convention, and I don't even exfoliate more than about twice (2) a week.

Makeup removing
Using oils like extra virgin oil helps a lot when using cleansing wipes/veils. It breaks even the heaviest makeup, so you don't have to rub your face that roughly when removing the makeup with the wipes. :))) Just a tip I wanted to drop.. It saves a lot of time in the evening after a long day in a convention. 

Anyways, this is the first part of the dummy series! Next time we'll go through the base makeup! \o/

Instead of doing a "Tits out", I'll throw an artwork of the day :'3 Was it a simple sketch or more complex painting. I'm trying to keep doing at least one sketch per day. 
 Todays artwork is fanart of Shinku from Rozen Maiden. Because she's a doll and she doesn't have to think about skincare. Hope you'll have wonderful day!


  1. I really appreciate that you're doing this kind of post series!
    I'm not the best or most knowledgeable at makeup (as you know xD) so this is really helpful for me, even as a reminder! I'm sure it will be useful for a lot of other cosplayers too and I look forward to the next post! :D

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