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Lens review: TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Pink

Arvoisa lukijakunta: paskaa. :))
Not rly. Butt but seriously though, gonna show the TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Pink lenses today! Take it, take it real good.
Photographer:Shiro Samurai

Really big and moe lenses kinda like me, lolz. The limbal ring is huuuuuge! The color doesn't show up as much as on the blue pair (review below!), but maybe that is because the contrast between brown and pink is not as strong. It's still a pretty color, gives me candy eyes. :3

Lens review: TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Blue

Hello pepes peoples!
My computard is still dead so I'm borrowing mah homie's laptop. Is your gurl Sacchan dropping another bomb lens review? Yes I am. Paskaa. :-DD These lenses are called TheDollyEye Sugar Candy Blue and yes, don't forget the THE in DollyEye. #triggered
Photographer:Shiro Samurai

If you want to be moe with colorful eyes then these are your go-to lenses! :3 Really cute and good color even though it's mostly limited to the edges. Edgy.
Big lenses and big black dick limbal ring. You might notice that my eyes are not basic bitch brown (oh shit :D) but also have some green stuff going on, idk...