Skecon 2016 - Picture post

Hi roaming millennials!

Yeah I did attend Skecon this year too, but I really don't feel like writing about the experience that much. If you're interested, check out Shiro Samurais and Firiths blogs if you want more details. Now, let's roll!

Pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai

I couldn't stay and watch budokan, but at least I watched a part of it ^^''

Picture of me taking a selfie with a stormtrooper

The actual selfie

A picture of an awesome friend I met this year!
Dude,if you're reading this! Thank you again!

A wild Misty joined in x)

These bring memories from the first Skecon, too bad we never got to chill there!

That frogs butt is goals. True butt-spiration


Nico and Nozomi from Love Live! x)

Budokan picture x) I couldn't understand much what was going on, but it looked interesting:::)

A proof selfie I was wearing Sonico again.
The lenses turned really uncomfortable I couldn't wear them. Fuck my life.

These was a wall you could draw on. Guess which one's mine.

I ship myself with a tentacle, it's canon.

I just have to appreciate the dab-squidward. Also that dick is a nice touch to it.

From the emojis, I'm Spongebob-

"Haista vittu!" - Kikki Hiiri.

A selfie before (or during?) work.
Just look into my cold dead I eyes.

A pitcure my friend Mikael took while we were checking the car.
We had to spend some time in the snow.

So yeah, I had fun at the con. I was really nervous in the beginning since I was working there. Time to time it was a bit awkward since I don't speak Swedish, but overall everything went great. The new location was okay, even though it was a bit difficult to find at first, same goes to the sleeping halls, but we managed! In the end I had a lot of fun and met people I've been missing a long while and even met a few new ones :) Thank you peeps for making my Skecon good! It was fun working and I do consider working there again. ^^

This is a great time to finish this up. There won't be a tits out this time since this is already quite long.
See ya later!


  1. Your hair got a snow hat. XD
    No but really, Skecon was a lot of fun, except for the car derp of course. I know for sure that I'd like to work there in the future too so if you're up for it as well then let's do it!
    I also must admit that I kinda regret we didn't get to go to that chill corner... :(

    The candy frog's butt is still bootiful.


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