Lucy/Nyu Elfen Lied photoshoot

Hey cuties!

So as you may know that I've cosplayed as Lucy/Nyu from  Elfen Lied, but I never had a proper photoshoot with the cosplay. Since it's still Fall and it's not dark and I got a great photographer, I decided to grab that cosplay and photoshoot it! 

Photographer/edit: Shiro Samurai
Lucy: Me

Honestly I had a lot of struggles with this cosplay, especially with the makeup, but now that I look at the pics afterwards, they turned out surprisingly good. I was really tired and was basically just derping a lot! Don't worry, I have pics of those moments too..

Kill me.

Notice how my eyeliner killed itself.

I love the expression of this.
Don't take even think about taking the swing! >8C

Of course because this is my blog I wanted this piece of art in here too.
Appreciate and caress the hell out of it.

Hope you enjoyed this and I'll catch up with you next time!
I'll go and drink bleach now.

Tits out!


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