I'm late. That's how it is.- Animeseminaari

I'm always late. That's like a personal feature of mine.
Please love me for what I am.

Anyway! Animeseminaari was held long time ago, yet here I am, trying to remember everything that happened during that day.

I went to Animeseminaari with Shiro Samurai and my little brother.We didn't have that much time to spend in the "con", but this isn't a big event anyway, so checking it out was enough. This years Animeseminaari was a huge improvement from last year! Then again it was held in Valve again, which obviously works a lot better than a library.

I can't remember much in detail how the day went, but when we arrived the con, we basically checked the merchandise. I remember having a quick chat with this one seller about Super Sonico since she's our waifu. I remember unnecessary shit. 
It did not take long until we found ourselves in the artist's alley. That's when I found a couple of stickers. One manatee and one black fluffy cat with it's tongue out. The cat was a must since it reminded me of my own cat. It was funny when I showed a pic of my cat to the artist, someone rushed towards us and asked if someone was showing a cat picture. :'D *sigh* Gotta love my cat fellow cat ladies. Talking about cats, I also found a Hetalia Greek sticker I had to get. It was soo so cute! 

Pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai


Fantasiapelit table

Dealer's hall

Manga thrift shop

Artist's alley

Pokémon stickers and wolves :)

I bought my blue manatee sticker from these people.
It was so nice and it has a nice place on my DS charger. ^^ 

Valve entrance from second floor view

Mugs and waifus

Pictures of Operaatio Fredrik group. 
You guys keep up a good work!

The last place we checked was this board game room. The guys were very chill and got us to participate in this tower game, where you chose a dice and dropped it into a tower and if you got the highest number, you could keep the dice. None of us were lucky enough to get one. x)

We only got to go around the con for about 2 hours since I had some other plans for that very evening, but overall the con was fun and it was so nice to see some friends and share cat pictures with people ^^

Now let me go through my Närcon photos!
See ya later!


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