Convention fuckboy - Story time!

I'm not saying that convention relationships do not work, I know a few people who met at cons and started a relationship that is actually working! This is just my experience that I want to get out of my chest.

It was over a year ago in a small convention when I met this guy. The con lasted three days (Friday-Sunday). I just got to the con area, changed to my cosplay and sat down and had a snack after a long bus trip. This guy, let's call him F (for fuckboy) and his friends joined me out of nowhere, I knew none of these people, but we had weird and funny conversations. I did not take a notice on F in the group (there were 3 guys), but after that weird chat, F came up to me many times during the first day of the con (he was actually one of the workers in the con, so he basically tried his best to find me when ever he had breaks). When it was late (read: close to midnight), he asked me to join him for a while in the evening, since he had to check on peoples con bands alone. I stayed with him for a while, but soon left since, well I really wanted to sleep.

Now on Saturday F started to show more interest in me. I assumed the whole day that he was just joking around, that's naturally how I think/react when this kind of shit happens. Well, it was evening, I changed out of my cosplay and just hang around with my group that I arrived to the con with. It didn't take long until F joined us, and asked me to go outside for smoking with him a few times. When we smoked our last cigs for the evening, there was only one seat left, and this is where he suggested me to sit on his lap, ok, cool, why not. I sat on his lap, he licked my face, and kissed me and made it clear to me that he was really interested, after that evening, he called me his girlfriend, and tbh, I didn't mind. Sure I didn't know this guy that well, but hey, I wanted to believe that this would go somewhere. I mean, he seemed like a nice laid-back guy. And sure, he was. I admit.

Sunday was the last day of the con, and I spent almost the whole day with F. A friend of ours kinda saw this happen and announced to a group of people (her friends I assume) that F has a new gf. The group of people asked who, and she pointed at me. People, gave me quite nasty looks and probably at this point bells should've started ringing, but no, I did not think about it much at the time, sure it was uncomfortable to be stared at, but I shrugged it off. I mean, during the whole weekend, this guy was such a gentleman for me and we shared same interests in gaming and music.

After I got home, he took contact almost immediately. We talked everyday. We both also had cars, so visiting wasn't a problem. His text patterns sure were fuckboy-ish most of the time, but I let it slide.

After a long time being really active talking, he started to have periods when he wouldn't talk to me at all. I got a bit worried, I mean, sure he might have something going on in his life, but he could've informed me about it. Well, it still went on, until this Autumn evening, when he sent me a message where he tells me he has been seeing this other girl for a while, and wanted to break up with me. It didn't hurt me that much, I kinda saw it coming actually, so no problem.

After that there was a long break when we wouldn't talk to each other, and for a good reason, until he sends me a message asking me how I was doing and letting me know that he broke up with this girl. After that, he let me know that he wouldn't think of me as a girlfriend, but as a friend who he could have sex with and then go for a beer like nothing happened. He was also sure that I'd be okay with it. No, I'm really not. That only showed me that he didn't know me at all. Well it didn't end there. He still messages me casually and sends me weird photos of himself and sometimes pictures of some random girls he wants to date. I don't know, it's just plain weird if you ask me. Sure I would've been ready to just be friends with him, but he didn't seem to understand what I mean when I say we're friends.

I guess there's no moral to the story, it was kinda my fault to just go with a guy I didn't even know.

Tits out!


  1. You're really brave for sharing this story. ♥

    You've told me a lot about this whole incident and it's so much more than just what you wrote (feels like you left out all the worst parts) and yeah, I feel sorry you –as one of my best friends– had to deal with such a nutjob of a guy. :( I kinda wish you had expanded more on the actual details (so much cringy/creepy shit in there, ouch) but yeah, it's your call. ^^

    I'm honestly really disgusted by how he thought he knew you when he obviously didn't have a clue – it's just laughably bad. And yeah, the first breakup was just, urrrgh. ._. I mean, he chose a fucking 16-year-old (makes him technically a pedophile, lol) and then he's the one being extremely persistent and bullheaded with getting you back once shit goes down – after HE was the one who wanted to break up with you (and in a respectless manner, to boot) in the first place. >_>
    He obviously doesn't know what a "no" means and that your opinion won't change just because he's a clingy fuck who thinks too much about himself. He doesn't have any common sense either (text messages 4 in the morning, example: "hi how are you? I'm horny can you come here?" and noteworthy is that the distance between you two was several hundred kilometers) and is just extremely cringeworthy, to be honest. Sending shitty dick picks and selfies won't make you attractive, just idiotic. :)) And what the heck is he thinking with sending nudes of his current dates to you?? What is wrong with him, who the fuck cares or even wants to see what he's currently banging??? I just, can't even. I Can't. The stupidity is too much in this one.

    So yeah, he's a waste of oxygen whose sole purpose is to get laid and show it off – and I wish that the con he works at would ban him. I'd assume he's already infamous at said con for being a jerk/fuckboy seeing the nasty reactions you got when the "friend" (no harm meant but yeah, telling the whole con just like that is not exactly nice, especially if she didn't have consent) outted your relationship...

    If I saw him at a future con I'd do everything I could so that he'd stay away from you because I know you legit hate him but are too kind (or too much of a doormat?) to really be honest and tell him to GTFO.

    But yeah, I'm really glad it's over (at least mostly) and I wish he'd take a fucking hint and leave you alone already, after all these years. It's mind-boggling how stupid some people can be at understanding implied messages... or the lack of them. Relationships need to be mutual to work, not one-sided – how hard is this to understand?

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    1. I didn't want to get too deep in detail what kind of creepy/cringy stuff happened. It was uncomfortable enough for me to write this shit as it is now. I just wanted to let some of it out, just to feel a little bit better.

      I am happy that you're supporting me in this. That is really needed. And yeah, you know me. Sure I want to say stuff to him, but I'm not that kind of a person. I am a doormat, who doesn't want too much shit to happen.
      Just thank you for listening to my whining and supporting! I appreciate it. <3


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