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Convention fuckboy - Story time!

Disclaimer!  I'm not saying that convention relationships do not work, I know a few people who met at cons and started a relationship that is actually working! This is just my experience that I want to get out of my chest.
It was over a year ago in a small convention when I met this guy. The con lasted three days (Friday-Sunday). I just got to the con area, changed to my cosplay and sat down and had a snack after a long bus trip. This guy, let's call him F (for fuckboy) and his friends joined me out of nowhere, I knew none of these people, but we had weird and funny conversations. I did not take a notice on F in the group (there were 3 guys), but after that weird chat, F came up to me many times during the first day of the con (he was actually one of the workers in the con, so he basically tried his best to find me when ever he had breaks). When it was late (read: close to midnight), he asked me to join him for a while in the evening, since he had to check on peoples con bands…

Närcon Summer 2016 - Cosplay turned to coldplay

Hi babes!
It's finally time for me to talk about Närcon Sommar 2016 (28-31 July)! My group included Shiro Samurai, Karri and Vicktor. Bunch of awesome people. So, me, Shiro Samurai  and Karri drove from Haparanda to Umeå on Tuesday (the first day of con would be Thursday), and spent a night at Vicktor's place. This made things a lot easier since we all would have a long trip ahead. There isn't really much to say about the trip. Everything went well I think. So let's fast forward when we actually reached Linköping
This bridge tho! Just saying.
We arrived on Wednesday, a day before convention. This made everything easier, since we got our tickets a bit earlier and we were able to sleep and rest until the actual convention started. Finding the camping at first sure was a bitch, but we found it soon and got to set up the tent, throw our stuff in there and sleep. Sure we checked the actual con area for a while. 
We woke up, all sweaty. So of course we went to the sh…

I'm late. That's how it is.- Animeseminaari

I'm always late. That's like a personal feature of mine.
Please love me for what I am.
Anyway! Animeseminaari was held long time ago, yet here I am, trying to remember everything that happened during that day.
I went to Animeseminaari with Shiro Samurai and my little brother.We didn't have that much time to spend in the "con", but this isn't a big event anyway, so checking it out was enough. This years Animeseminaari was a huge improvement from last year! Then again it was held in Valve again, which obviously works a lot better than a library.
I can't remember much in detail how the day went, but when we arrived the con, we basically checked the merchandise. I remember having a quick chat with this one seller about Super Sonico since she's our waifu. I remember unnecessary shit.  It did not take long until we found ourselves in the artist's alley. That's when I found a couple of stickers. One manatee and one black fluffy cat with it's tong…