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Vulpix (gijinka) makeuptest

Hey guys! It's tits test time!
Yeah it's a makeup test for my Vulpix gijinka. I planned to wear it in Närcon this ... month... SHIT!

For eyeshadow I wanted to  use warm red-ish colors mixed with yellow/golden ones. Nothing fancy tho, just blending and crying. Since I can't use fake lashes (I'm allergic to lash glue halp) I decided to simply draw some "lashes" with eyeliner. That should work for now.. Or until I find lash glue for sensitive eyes. My contouring is basic and boring 'cause I'm anti-fun. i'll probably try this again when I have the actual cosplay together. I have some small stuff I need to work with. askartelua-paskartelua

More stuff later (aka closer the con). I'm panicking, help me. ;_;