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Cosvision - Crying your fake lashes and eyebrows off

Hi guys!
Dat cosplay hoe here again dropping another con summary
Cosvision was held during 23-24 April in Hämeenlinna. I went there with Shiro Samurai and Frozen Angel. We went there by my car, it would be over 8 hour trip so it was good to have such awesome company to keep me up, haha!  The trip went just fine, no problems, just a lot of awful jokes I couldn't even remember during the next day, way to go. We stopped a few times to get something to eat and drink. 
Js, the smoothie was okay, but not the best one. It was a long time waiting for it tho ._. Shiro Samurai was the photographer
When were getting quite close to Hämeenlinna, there was this one creature in the middle of the road.
This fellow here <3 ;w; pic's taken by Shiro Samurai
I really hope the owl was okay. It just stood there. There was this one woman ahead of us calling someone about it, maybe she called help, I hope so. We had to continue, but it sure was strange to see an owl like that. ^^''
-pics ar…

NCV - I know I'm late

I had to write this bitch again 'cause blogger is so great that it won't effin' save =-=

Sup peeps!
You should know by now that this is probably the worst blog (somewhat) alive on the internet. I was supposed to write this a lot earlier, but 'cause I'm a chicken, that didn't happen lol.
Närcon Vinter was held during 12-14 February in Linköping. I went there with my awesome friends Shiro SamuraiFrozen Angel, Hitsu and my brother Joni. We had a great time there hanging out, meeting new people and drinking bubble tea! dat stuff is bitchin'

Friday was the first day of convention. Our group put cosplays on (except Hitsu and Joni who didn't cos) and after went to Saab Arena, where the con was held at and got our tickets. I was cosplaying Seras Victoria from Hellsing. We spent our time exploring the building. I remember finding the dealers hall really difficult, since it was in a different building, but soon we found it. If you want more detai…