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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cosvision - Crying your fake lashes and eyebrows off

Hi guys!

Dat cosplay hoe here again dropping another con summary

Cosvision was held during 23-24 April in Hämeenlinna. I went there with Shiro Samurai and Frozen Angel. We went there by my car, it would be over 8 hour trip so it was good to have such awesome company to keep me up, haha! 
The trip went just fine, no problems, just a lot of awful jokes I couldn't even remember during the next day, way to go. We stopped a few times to get something to eat and drink. 

Js, the smoothie was okay, but not the best one.
It was a long time waiting for it tho ._.
Shiro Samurai was the photographer

When were getting quite close to Hämeenlinna, there was this one creature in the middle of the road.

This fellow here <3 ;w;
pic's taken by Shiro Samurai

I really hope the owl was okay. It just stood there. There was this one woman ahead of us calling someone about it, maybe she called help, I hope so. We had to continue, but it sure was strange to see an owl like that. ^^''

-pics are taken by Shiro Samurai-

Soon after the owl episode, we got to Hämeenlinna. I was a bit lost where our hotel was, so we had to call the fourth member of the group Firith for directions. My phone died, so we didn't have navigator. It didn't take long until we found the place. The three of us got our stuff from the car, checked in and went to our rooms. Me and  Shiro Samurai shared a room and Frozen Angel and as Firith shared a room. 

Our hotel room
Shiro Samurai took the pic


I didn't want to get up, but surprisingly Shiro Samurai kicked me up. It was a surprise, 'cause he isn't a morning person either. oh well, after waking up we went to eat breakfast. After eating it was time to put our cosplays on, me as Shiny Umbreon. When all four of us was done with cosplays, we headed to Verkatehdas, where the con was held at. It was pretty close to the hotel, so getting there was no problem. Firith showed us a few photoshoot locations along the way.
When we finally got to the con, it seemed kinda dead... There weren't that many people outside, but yeah, sure there were more people inside the building, sitting on the stairs in their own groups, not doing much. The atmosphere just wasn't that kind I was expecting. 

Con building from outside
Shiro Samurai as the photographer

We didn't really do much during the con. Just chilling and checking the dealer's hall. I was disappointed tho. There weren't that many tables to check out. ._. 

Dealers hall view
Shiro Samurai as the photographer

You could buy cotton candy and slush from the dealers hall which was actually really cool. :) 
oispa rahea
Shiro Samurai as the photographer

The convention day went slowly, there wasn't much to do, sure it was nice to see some good old con friends and have chat with them. Shiro Samurai wanted to have a photoshoot of his Darkrai cosplay, so sure I agreed to be his photographer. ^^ It was fun, until my eyes started derping more than usually. It really hurt and felt horrible, but I continued. I wasn't sure why my eyes were acting that way. I was scared it would be because of lenses, but that was not it. I was crying so much my eyelashes fell off and I looked like an emo. I got some nasty looks from people passing by.

It got a lot worse after a while.

 We went back to hotel to change our clothes and then we would go eat something. It was difficult to drive around Hämeenlinna, since I've never been there before, but by accident we found a place x) 

We were about to go back to con until we heard from Firith that the con has closed for the day. How nice. Well, that didn't stop us, we went photoshoot Firiths and Frozen Angels cosplays. We had a lot fun together! Throwing stupid jokes while our models had stay serious x)

After shooting we headed back to hotel. Firith and I had a glass of wine and had nice conversation with him, and just enjoyed his company. It was so nice and I hope we could chill like that in the future as well. ^^ When we were about to return to our rooms, my hotel key card got disabled and Firith left his card... I called Shiro Samurai to help us out, and he did. Thank you again <3


Sunday morning came. I was really hungry that morning so breakfast buffet really felt like a great idea!

-Pics taken by Shiro Samurai-

After eating, it was time to put cosplays on again! My cosplay for Sunday was Super Sonico. I liked wearing it and I'm sure I'll cosplay her in the future too! It just felt like character that actually fit me.

#Kesälomavaimo <3
Join me ;)

-pics taken by Shiro Samurai-

Sure the clothes were from my closet, but I'm working on this one figure version of her I'll show you lovely people later <3

I was hanging out with convention friends and had a nice chat with Ri-kun. ^^ It was really nice. Hopefully we get to meet again in the future cons~ 
Soon after that I met Maletsu who actually tried to say hi to me the day before, but I didn't even notice her, I'm so sorry for that even to this day. She asked me to go check the dealer's hall, which I agreed since there wasn't anything better to do. That was until Shiro Samurai came and dragged me along with him, sorry Maletsu ^^''. The reason for dragging all of a sudden was important though. Or SilliS merchandise is quite good reason for me xD Before that I didn't even know about the artist alley what so ever. It was in a difficult place :C

The highlight if the convention
t: velempojot

We got to leave somewhat early from the con 'cause well, long car trip, but also there was about to be a horrible weather coming. No one seemed to really know what was it, but whatever it was, our group dodged it. Before we left, we said good bye to our friends Firith and Ri-kun. After that headed to my car and started driving back to North. 

The convention was a disappointment for me. Sure it was nice to hangout and see some friends but there wasn't really anything you could do. I wished for more activities.
Oh and back to the eyelash-dropping crying episode, apparently I'm allergic to lash glue. so please, before any events you're going to use fake lashes, test it out. Otherwise you'll be labeled as an emo.


NCV - I know I'm late

I had to write this bitch again 'cause blogger is so great that it won't effin' save =-=

Sup peeps!

You should know by now that this is probably the worst blog (somewhat) alive on the internet. I was supposed to write this a lot earlier, but 'cause I'm a chicken, that didn't happen lol.

Närcon Vinter was held during 12-14 February in Linköping. I went there with my awesome friends Shiro SamuraiFrozen Angel, Hitsu and my brother Joni. We had a great time there hanging out, meeting new people and drinking bubble tea! dat stuff is bitchin' 


Friday was the first day of convention. Our group put cosplays on (except Hitsu and Joni who didn't cos) and after went to Saab Arena, where the con was held at and got our tickets. I was cosplaying Seras Victoria from Hellsing. We spent our time exploring the building. I remember finding the dealers hall really difficult, since it was in a different building, but soon we found it. If you want more details, check out Shiro Samurais and Frozen Angels blogs!

The con ticket <3 

Närcon logo outside!

Seras enjoying bubbletea <3
-Picture is taken by Shiro Samurai-

I didn't have any proper photoshoot of my cosplays since there really wasn't good places for taking pics. Maybe some of the backgrounds would've worked for Seras, but that cosplay was way too cold for photoshooting outside :s

Have some pics from the dealers hall!

Monster Hunter figures

KanColle waifus

More waifus

Gay Idols + more

R2-D2 <3

Dat Batman

Basically we were just hanging around and met some some friends. It was fun to explore and take it all easy after a long trip and not getting much sleep, haha! My Seras costume was comfy, but I have to fix it before I use it again. Also the skirt was getting up all the time, I guess I'll re-do it. Then again Seras's panties can be seen a lot during the series, so accuracy points for that :'D


Saturday came~! It took quite a lot of time to put my Atago (KanColle) cosplay on, since the makeup decided to fuck with me all the time. I swear, it was annoying af!

My eyebrows are naked


Saturday went pretty much the same as Friday, hanging out and also making some new friends. I shall keep cosplaying our boat girls! ;) Atago cosplay was nice and all, even though it does too need some fixing before using again, and also I need better shoes. My high heels were killing me feet during the day, it was horrible and I'm sorry if I caused trouble. u_u

-Pics taken by Shiro Samurai-

Bubbletea <3 ;w;

One waifu

When you turn the cards, there are Tekken waifus

Someone drew something I want to believe is a chicken for my Buttman. If this artist is reading this, thank you :3

A selfie with Shiro Samurai as Kashuu from Touken Ranbu ^^

In the Saturday evening I wandered alone for a while. It was nice actually. I was searching for my brother but then I ran to LoL tournament. As an ex-lol-player it was interesting to watch these guys playing. ^^ That's when Joni and Hitsu called me. Joni wanted to go to hotel and Hitsu asked me if I wanted to leave too. She told me there was this Alan Rickman memorial coming later, I decided to go watch it, but I had to change to casual clothes, I wanted comfy shoes and lenses off~

League of Legends tournament.

When I got to the hotel I changed my clothes and got back to Hitsu's car, we headed back to con and talked about Dota 2, it was nice. When we got to the Saab Arena again, we had a bit over an hour to spend, so Hitsu decided to play a game of Dota 2 and even show me a few of her Lina sets (I'm going to cosplay her hehe)

The memorial of Alan Rickman started soon, Hitsu was very tired, but we stayed anyway. I got to fetch some evening coffee. I didn't really understand much from the speech since I don't speak Swedish, but the feeling was there.


After the memorial was over, we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

There isn't much to say about Sunday. We couldn't spend too much time in the con since there was a long car trip ahead of us. We got bubbletea and some stuff from the dealers hall, that was pretty much it.


The horror I had to witness when we got to Hitsu's place
That was a bitch to dig!

Vitutuskäyräni hipoo pilviä

NCV was a lot of fun and I would totally go there again! (With more winter-friendly cosplays)

I'm late