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Cosvision cosplay plans

Aye! Since Cosvision is already in 23rd-24th April, I guess it would be great time to post my plans for it.  I honestly wasn't really planning to go there at first, but then Shiro Samurai and Frozen Angel talked me to it. Couple of good friends does quite a lot since I've been feeling slightly uncomfortable going to bigger cons for a while... Even so I want to stay positive and believe we'll have a great time there. :') Too bad Ronya couldn't come though ;__; Now to the cosplays;
Character: Shiny Umbreon (the edgy dark type) Series: Pokémon
I have cosplayed Shiny Umbreon before, sure, but the design I'm going for this time has changed. I'll try to make a post of it b4 duh con. The whole idea became somewhere in the middle of a night. I have been struggling a lot with the Saturday cosplay. I was also considering some other eeveelutions like Leafeon or even Sylveon. After some more thinking and considering I came to the conclusion that redesigning wo…