Male characters I want to cosplay

As you have probably noticed, I haven't really cosplayed as male characters that much. The only ones  I've cosplayed are actually Sasori (Narto), Kimono Naruto (Neruto), Sasuke (Nardo) and Ciel Phantomhive (Black Buttler), out of these men I would probably cosplay as Ciel again.. once I've remade the costume. There still are more men I would like to cosplay. I don't really feel comfortable cosplaying male characters since I really am short and round, but I still want to cosplay at least some of these men. Obviously I won't include gender bends in this list.

Let's begin!

Itward - Fran Bow

Itward is this lovely skeleton gentleman. I've been obsessed over Fran Bow for a while, so of course I'd like to cosplay from it. I was considering the protagonist herself, but I don't think I could pull her off, so that's when I thought about Itward. I could actually use my bodypainting skills with him, he's also my favorite character from the game. :)

Todou Heisuke - Hakuouki

I've been thinking about cosplaying him for many years, but have been waiting because reasons. Hakuouki is one of my favorite series, and I want to cosplay more characters than Chizuru. From the shinsengumi men I think Heisuke would work for me the best. <3

 Connor Kenway - Assassin's Creed III

Of course I want to make at least one AC man! I have planned to make two female characters from different AC-games, but I also want to make a man, and that man would be this guy! I am not 100% sure will this ever happen, but hey, one can dream. I want to be manly man too!

Jiroutachi - Touken Ranbu

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one cross-dresser, lol. I've always liked Jiroutachis design, I can't help it! the more I think about it, the more I want to cosplay him, haha somebody halp

Otegine - Touken Ranbu

Yes. Otegine. I like him! Also I like that jacket, those armors.. and that spear tho. B) To get noticed by husbando, you have to become husbando! 
Otegine and Jiroutachi won't probably be the only TouRan characters I'll cosplay.

Do you have a male character you'd like to see me cosplay? 
Leave a comment below :)



  1. Nice that you have some guys you still want to pull off! I think that you would do a really good Cid from FFIV. You would have the "asene" on-spot for him as well :)

    Cid is a really obscure character cosplay-wise but he is important and memorable to the story. I personally like this guy, such a funny character!

  2. OMG Touken Ranbuuuu ~~!!
    I knew you wanted to do Jiroutachi but Otegine was a surprise! But then again, I know you like dem spearmen. xD Looking forward to our cosplay group, whenever it will be!

    Also glad to see that you still want to do Heisuke. :) I'm of course up for groups on Hakuouki too! I just need to decide on who I should do next, lol. Been wanting to do a new Hakuouki cosplay for a while now cuz I've been recycling for, like, forever. I'd feel like Kazama but I don't know yet...

    Psst, the more I think about Assassin's Creed cosplays the more I want to be an ass-ass-in too. XD All those details will kill me but come on, just way too cool to pass up on!

    (that gif killed me, to be honest. :'DD)


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