Lens review; I.Fairy Tofi Gold plus Mileena makeup test 2

I shall bless people with a lens review this morning, haha! It's been a long while

The ones I'll be reviewing will be I.Fairy Tofi Gold, yeey! \o/

Base curve; 8.60
Diameter; 16.2
Water content; 55%

I got these lenses from Jäätynyt Enkeli, since he didn't need them. I took a look at them and thought they would go well with Mileena cosplay since her eyes are yellow sometimes red, sometimes even orange, I see them mostly yellow. Inspired from that I also decided to do a makeup test for Mileena, since last time I wasn't fully satisfied with the outlook though the teeth looked fine.

Notice me senpai the enlargement!

As a side note, my own eyes aren't really intensive brown, they are more hazel-like, in some lightings my eyes can even turn green! 

Here's some more lens-pics! All the pics are taken by Shiro Samurai, thanks to him! :)

Warm/yellow light 

White light 

note to self, darken yo eyebrows, now they're byebrows

This pic's taken with flash 

Bathroom light

These lenses were very comfortable! I could chill with these over 9 hours, without any sort of problems! I couldn't even imagine that I'd ever be able to roll with them that long.. I thought that about 6 hours would be the max, but nope. So yeah, these guys shall come to conventions with me when ever I'll be debuting Mileena + other possible characters with yellow eyes. 

 Now pics from distance! 

 About the makeup, I do like how the eye makeup turned out, all I need to remember now are again, the eyebrows. I didn't really feel like painting the teeth this time since Mileena wears a mask too most of the time. This time the "mask" and the wig was lent from Shiro Samurai which was really nice 'cause my own hair doesn't really work with Mileena, I mean with blue bangs and everything haha!

To compress this review;

Color: 9/10 
Nice and noticeably yellow.

Design: 9/10 
I like the pattern on the lenses, kinda reminds me of flower pedals.

Opacity: 9/10
Very opaque. Neverminding the big pupil hole though.

Enlargement: 10/10 
These babies gave me really nice big eyes :)

Comfort: 10/10 
As I said, surprisingly comfortable!

Naturalness: 1/10 
Not the most natural ones if you didn't notice.

This was it this time. Hopefully I'll make cosplay progress for next time!

 I'll leave this for buttspiration.


  1. I must admit that these lenses looked damn good on you! Nice to hear that they are super comfortable too! :D

  2. Looking good on you! Oh and those weren't really of the "I have no use of them" kind, I actually had plans for them. That pair just happened to have a way too early expire date for the cosplay that I planned them for, sadly :/

    But yeah, I'm glad to hear that someone got good use of it! :D


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