Creepy convention stories - The first

I'm not writing this to scare people off and make people think that conventions aren't safe, absolutely not. For the beginning I'd like to say that if you encounter a person who's being creepy towards you, or you just feel really uncomfortable, contact the staff of the convention. Those guys are there to help you. I had encountered a few creepy people in conventions before, but this one's special 'cause he is the first one.
I'd like to use alphabets when talking about people, I want them to stay anon.

So, this one Summer me and my friends A and B, went to the con. We've been in this convention before, but this time it had a new location and such. I was so excited about this convention and I'm still going there. I've always had a fun time there. And I still do. We are all cosplayers and had a fun time. Soon the day was over and we had change off from our cosplays and go to sleep. I changed to my regular clothes quite fast, so I decided to wait for A and B. I didn't want to go the sleeping halls alone, I don't know the area. What if I get lost? It was a lot better to just stay and wait. I was waiting for a while and during the wait I meet two people, C and M. They kept me company and were just really nice to me. I thought they were chill. We had a nice time chatting and telling awful jokes, heh. Rest days of the convention went just fine.
As soon as I get back home, I checked my facebook, I noticed that C and M added me, cool, I don't mind keeping in touch with some new con-friends I made. Boy was I wrong.. If I just knew C a bit better.
We chatted a lot after the con. We basically talked about games, animes, mangas, cons, cosplays, stuff like that. It didn't take long until M confessed that she had a crush on me. I kinda expected it, but she was cool when I said no. We're still friends to this day. Then there was C. I enjoyed our conversations together. But after M confessed me, C confessed that he had a crush on me too. I wasn't interested in him like that, I only wanted friendship, not anything weird.

 What went wrong with this was when I said no, he got mad at me. He didn't talk to me for a while, and when he finally did, it was about his depression. Of course as I nice person I am, I listened to what was going on with him. I'm not the best person to talk about this kind of subject but at least I tried. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him, for example talk about a certain subject to take his mind somewhere else, he popped up with a question "Can you send me a picture of your boobs? It would calm me down.". I was like 15 and felt really uncomfortable I said no and the reasons why, he stopped talking to me for a while. After the time passes he started chatting with me again, like nothing happened. Well I decided to leave his weird question behind and start over. Then he popped with that question again. And again I said no, He apologizes his rude question, and I forgave him. Right after that he asked again. I really got tired of that. He kept begging and begging, and I did send him a pic of me, with just a little bit of cleavage. Really nothing going on, he seemed to be disappointed and I felt horrible after that. I swear, I'm cringing when I'm writing this. I thought that sending at least some kind of pic would shut him the fuck up. Well, he thanked and that was basically it. Don't ask why did I send him a pic in the first place, I was 15 years old, panicking.. He was 24 btw.
I know this guy has mental/emotional problems, but that doesn't make this kind of behavior ok.

I need all these "No" stuff too

After that C didn't talk to me as often as he used to. Sometimes when he feels depressed or just randomly asked how I was doing. I know this didn't really happen in a convention, but still people like this do exist, they just act different in a convention, be careful, I guess that I could add that this one time at a convention he was working and he actually kissed my forehead. All of a sudden, without a warning. I was kinda seeing someone back then, but apparently he didn't know about that.

Do you have any creepy convention stories to tell? Let me know.
I'll probably write more stories like this, since I do have exp with the creeps.
I'm out, peace!


  1. This seriously leaves me speechless and just... ugh. *hugs*
    I mean he was like 20+ and still acts like such a pig when you're still underage?? Just... fucking. hell. to. the. NO.

    I wish I would have been around you when it happened; maybe I could have made things end differently. It feels like you get all the creeps as soon as I'm gone for a couple minutes in the bathroom or something. Damn it.

    But yeah, remember that you can always ask me to be by your side; I'll always help you! ♥

    ☆ Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog ☆

  2. First off, really brave and strong of you to speak out about an experience like this. I think it's important to tell other congoers (both old and new) that stuff like this actually happens at cons. NOT every congoer is that nice, colorful and understanding person you -likely- think they are. I mean, there is douchebags out there too, just like everywhere else. You just have to be cautious at cons and listen to your gut feeling if something just doesn't feel right.

    Ugh... I can't believe why all the creeps comes to you when neither I or any other of your friends are close/near you.


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