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Creepy convention stories - The first

I'm not writing this to scare people off and make people think that conventions aren't safe, absolutely not. For the beginning I'd like to say that if you encounter a person who's being creepy towards you, or you just feel really uncomfortable, contact the staff of the convention. Those guys are there to help you. I had encountered a few creepy people in conventions before, but this one's special 'cause he is the first one.
I'd like to use alphabets when talking about people, I want them to stay anon.

So, this one Summer me and my friends A and B, went to the con. We've been in this convention before, but this time it had a new location and such. I was so excited about this convention and I'm still going there. I've always had a fun time there. And I still do. We are all cosplayers and had a fun time. Soon the day was over and we had change off from our cosplays and go to sleep. I changed to my regular clothes quite fast, so I decided to wait fo…

Lens review; I.Fairy Tofi Gold plus Mileena makeup test 2

I shall bless people with a lens review this morning, haha! It's been a long while
The ones I'll be reviewing will be I.Fairy Tofi Gold, yeey! \o/

Base curve; 8.60 Diameter; 16.2 Water content; 55%
I got these lenses from Jäätynyt Enkeli, since he didn't need them. I took a look at them and thought they would go well with Mileena cosplay since her eyes are yellow sometimes red, sometimes even orange, I see them mostly yellow. Inspired from that I also decided to do a makeup test for Mileena, since last time I wasn't fully satisfied with the outlook though the teeth looked fine.
Notice me senpai the enlargement!
As a side note, my own eyes aren't really intensive brown, they are more hazel-like, in some lightings my eyes can even turn green! 
Here's some more lens-pics! All the pics are taken by Shiro Samurai, thanks to him! :)
Warm/yellow light 
White light 
note to self, darken yo eyebrows, now they're byebrows
This pic's taken with flash 

Things I don't have time for - Cosplay edition

Here's the thing, I'm a huge fan of Jenna Marbles and she has made a few videos titled "Things I don't have time for", I actually thought myself that "Hey! There are stuff I don't have time for when it comes to cosplaying!". Sorry if you're not familiar with Jenna Marbles. I'm not sure can fellow cosplayers relate to these things, but I wanna share my thoughts anyway I really don't do this kind of stuff that much.

Thingy number 1; Lash glue, spirit gum, any that kind of stuff, I ain't got that 40 seconds to wait until it gets tacky! When it comes to cosplay makeup, I like to try some stuff first from a scratch at home, and usually I end up using false lashes, but when I'm at a convention, I usually end up not using them. I'm not the most patient person when there's a con to explore! Because of that I just don't use lashes even though I should. I mean  yeah, putting falsies on can be sometimes a bit tricky if it doesn…