Makeup test and armor making

Hi guys! This one evening I was helping my friend RedMoon with her fursuit, and during that I started working on my first armor, which is going to be a chestplate for Mileena from Mortal Kombat X. I got this idea basically when a friend of mine told me he'd like to do Scorpion from the game, I wasn't sure about it at first, but RedMoon convinced me to do it. Also in MKX Mileena's clothing is actually something that doesn't show THAT much skin. The design is very pretty. I have two versions I'd like to make, they are very similar to another. Only differences are the colors and hair. I'd like to hear your opinions on them, which one do you prefer? Let me know. I actually do have some fabrics in my storage for Kahnum skin tho js.

                Kahnum Mileena                                                                   Tournament Mileena

I did a makeup test for Mileena withOUT the mask on. What I used for teeth was water activating paints by Grimas not sponsored. I'm sorry for the phone-quality pics, but I of course left my camera home.

Reference pic

My face without makeup

Eyeshadow and eyebrows could've been darker, but I'm happy how the teeth turned out,since Mileena is well known of them.

10 minutes of Mortal Kombat and chill and she gives you this look.

What about the chest plate?
I haven't done anything like this before. Good thing that internet is full of tutorials for this kind of stuff. I'm going to use the same methods cosplay guru Sachie used with her Sumia armor. 

I drew the patterns into an ad-paper while holding it to my chest. Cut the patterns off, and re-shaped them until they finally fit. Pro tip! While making a chestplate as a woman, make sure you're wearing the bra you're going to use while wearing the cosplay. 

Patterns for right breast.

After I cut the patterns, I placed on craft foam, drew them, cut the pieces out and then taped them to see if they fit before I'd glue them. I did glue them and added more details on them. I still need to add more before continuing. 
I'll end this one here. More progress later. :)


  1. Hmm.. tough pick. I think I like the Kahnum version slightly better but that might mostly be because of the headpiece and the ponytail; it just looks neater and more "polished" in a way, idk. I also like the contrast of the pink collars on the dark bodice more. :)

    Aaaaand HOORI SHITTO you look so different with that make-up! It's cool! Me approvey! *thumbs up*

    1. One point for Kahnum!

      When you start painting teeth on your cheeks, you kinda start looking different xD Thank you so much! C:

  2. I like the Tournament version a bit better mostly because of the color choice and the wild/dangerous/rebel look she has with the freely flowing hair. But you can always start with one now and do the other later, if the inspiration is still there.

    Really cool how much effect the make-up had on your face and it made you look more uh... badass ;D

    1. Tournament skin does work better with her personality, since she's an evil succubus who takes enjoy of killing :'DD

      I was trying to go cannibal more than badass but thanks! x)


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