Convention Photos - Good Times #2

Another picture post, this time Nerdcon edition. Again, these pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai (^_^)

First, Rangiku Matsumoto cosplay pictures. :3


Probably my favorite one ^^

Now that we got the decent photos, it's time for the derp ones! x)

It didn't make the staches grow. 

Caption this please 

"Oot tyhäm! t: Tissimummo"

Since I can't remember that much from the convention, so I'll tell you by the pictures. I mean, that's the point of the whole post. lol.

Before leaving Umeå, we saw this really adorable and social cat. She actually let me pet her. =','= 

The moustache elixir wasn't enough, I also needed the Zombie one x)
Both were really good btw!

 Guess which one's my car? 8)
I guess you'll never know.

We also ended up watching a few funny? videos from youtube. 
Of course, donald duck videos made by SilliS x)



Matsumoto being moe af!


That's all for now folks! Next post will be about Kitacon and my cosplay plan for that ;)


  1. You're such a lovely Matsumoto. ♡ Also that moe photo is just so cute. ;u;
    Too bad that your cat peed on the hakama afterwards... Rest In Peace. </3

    Those derp photos are glorious. XDD But you forgot to put that one pic we laughed so hard at that our stomachs cramped! :'DD


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