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Cosplays got done?!?

Damn right I got something done! Though it was a small thing, fail. :'DDD
So, the cosplay I got done is the commander Shepard's dress from Mass Effect 3. I wasn't originally planning to make this dress since I'm not really that comfortable wearing dresses like that. Though I really like the design of it 8)

So pretty <3 ;u;
Here's where I started from. A dress that was supposed to be my Emily the Strange cosplay, but never became one. A good reason to give it another meaning. I can't even remember where I got this dress from... It's been around for a long while.
Here's what it looks like now! yay Now I have a fabulous dress for a date with Garrus <3
I also have something more for you to show.

Here you can see a homeless man me basically everyday. I just got home from work. No makeup is worn, plain hairdo if you can call that as one..

And here you can see a hooker me after I've shot myself with a makeup gun aka. commander Shepard costest. You c…

Commander's casual wear!

I finally played all Mass Effect games! And it was great! The storyline was just amazing and you can get to know different characters during the game. What I like most about the game is that you are the one who's making the decisions, you're not just playing as Shepard, you ARE Shepard! also romancing with other characters in the game, hohoho<3 I also have huge respect for BioWare for releasing reference pictures for cosplayers and for listening to their fans. I actually feel like I'm working with them haha. :')

I had a plan with my bro that we both will cosplay as commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Bro as the male version and I as female (duh).
What I like about this is the fact we don't have to worry about wigs, lenses or anything like that, since you can mod commander Shepard before the game. I will probably use a wig though, not sure yet...

As the fellow Mass Effect players might know, Shepard has quuite many different outfits to choose from. Different armo…