Cosplays for next year?

Sorry, but I won't write Tracon or Kemi's Mangaday summaries. Don't worry, you're not missing any interesting events that happened in the con or anything, so please forgive me~

Anyways, I've been thinking quite a lot about my cosplays for next year. Since I'm not going to any winter-cons I have whole winter time to make my costumes for summer! :)

Oichi Oda - Alternate/Kimono - Sengoku Basara

I've been working on Oichi for a few years now, and after small touches (and making the spear), it'll be ready.I actually really liked making this, since I didn't really decide the con or the year when I'll debut this, I just could make progress when I felt like it, no stress. I'm actually really excited about that I can wear it soon. If I can, I try to have some kind of winter photoshoot with this. ^^

Jill Valentine - Resident Evil

After a few months of playing Resident Evil -games, I really wanna cosplay from it. I found it quite difficult to decide which character, but for summer, I think this version of Jill Valentine would be heat-friendly. Maybe I won't toast that bad with this! :D Beware zombies!

Mary Kozakura - Kagerou Project/Kagerou Days
I just read Kagerou Days manga. It was recommended by a good friend of mine and I really really really liked it. Especially Mary. I loved her story actually I found it touching and her personality. 
QuQ  Do I need to say more?

Pyrrha Alexandra - Omega - Soul Calibur V
I'm really making things difficult to myself... Oh well. I've been playing this game for a while now, and since I played the story, I wanted to cosplay Pyrrha. At first I really didn't like her, but after the story.. well she's my favorite now. I especially fell in love with the omega -version, Not only because it looks cool, but also because it's powerful! I just love playing with it <3
I'm pretty sure I can't get this one done for this year, but I'll work on it just like I worked on Oichi -> When I have time :)

Well, these are my projects for winter now, I guess can't get bored!

-Sairu-chan's out-


  1. I don't mind missing out those two con posts from you, as long as I know that you're doing well and not stressing yourself to your limits.

    Wow, Pyrrha might be a bit challenging (I like her armor) but I hope that you can get the results you wish to achieve with her! This will be interesting to follow! :)

    1. Thanks! Pyrrha really is challenging I know XD But then again, I'm happy that I have friends (and internet) to help me out! ^^ I try to post here whenever I make progress with Pyrrha and Jill :)

  2. Oichi! Can't wait to see it finished! We need to have a photoshoot together when I finally get Masamune done! x)

    1. Haha! Can't wait to see your Masamune cosplay done! :DDDD

  3. Your small small tips are really helpful for newbies like me.


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