Tracon Cosplay Plans~!

Tracon is held in Tampere, 13th-14th September, which means this weekend! I'll take a train to Tampere on Friday.
Let's get to the plans!

Chizuru Yukimura - Geiko - Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan
 I really want to cosplay geiko!Chizuru more than just once this year~! And of course I want more pictures of this cosplay if just possible! ;u; <3

Chizuru Yukimura - Oni - Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan
Geiko!Chizuru isn't the most comfortable cosplay, so the answer is oni!Chizuru! Why not default version of Chizuru you ask? Because oni version works better for evening~ 8)

Kosuzu - Hakuouki: Sweet School Life

I found it quite difficult to decide the Sunday cosplay. I was about to go as gothic lolita or casual, but of course they didn't really inspire... Well, Kosuzu seemed to be okay. I mean, the school uniform is comfortable and cute. >u<
But what's with that haircolor?!?! >8C

  Nähdään Traconissa! :'33


  1. geiko!Chizuru returrrrrnssss!! <3 Mä photoshoottaan sun cosseja sitten mielellään, tuu vaan hihasta nykkimään! :D

    SSL!Kosuzu! Didn't see that one coming! No mä tuun sitten Ibukina trollaamaan sun luo sillee "höhö onks vähän timefuck?" uuyee :-DD

    HNNNGJHG TRACON FEELS!! <3 *insert hype here*

  2. TWIN CHIZURU! <3 The oni twins strike again, muahahahah. I'm happy to see you as geiko!Chizuru too! :'D
    Cool that you decided on Kosuzu! The hair though... green hair... dafuq.
    Hug you in Tracon! :'D


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