Bring on the Animecon!

The weekend after Skecon was time for Animecon (Kuopio, Finland)! I don't have much to write about the con, but it should be okay, since I don't have much pics either. Here it comes!

I went to CissyDella's place, since her mum would drive her, me and Natsuwtfu to Kuopio early in the morning. Nothing worthy-enough-to-mention happened on that day. We tried to work with CissyDellas Prototype Viktor (League of Legends), but because of errors, we couldn't finish Viktor. ;_;

We woke up somewhere around 3.45 am to get ready. CissyDella gathered pieces of Viktor together and rolled with it. She looked awesome! :'3 Natsuwtfu lent my Naruto wig. 8) And I rolled with my Mikasa (SnK: Hangeki no Tsubasa) -cosplay. When we were ready, CissyDella's mum drove us to Kuopio.

It was hot in the con! Mikasa cosplay wasn't heat-friendly, black wig, dat jacket and belts ;_; I was toasting! I can only imagine how hot CissyDella's Viktor cosplay was! ;A;

CissyDella took part of the Cosplay Date, so me and Natsuwtfu went watch it! 8) It was really entertaining. I really enjoyed it. <3

After the Cosplay Date me and Natsuwtfu went buy tickets to the Anime concert. During that I found ShinigamiUchiha as cleaner!Levi. Yay<3 We had time so we went to have a "photoshoot". It was more like taking proof-pictures. Anyway, we had fun! x3 We didn't have a photographer, so we had to ask someone random congoer if he/she could take pictures. Luckily we found Ejaki aka. suit!Levi! I met Ejaki during the trip when we stopped  to eat something. She recognized me as Mikasa and told me she'll be Levi. ^^ It was so nice to meet you <3

Cosplayers: Me (Mikasa Ackerman) ShinigamiUchiha (cleaner!Levi)
Photographer: Ejaki

Typerä nainen, ei siivoaminen mitään auta! >8D eiku 

Damn belts! >8C 

Selfie with our suit!Levi :'3

After photo-taking episode ShinigamiUchiha went to hotel to change cosplay. Ejaki also went somewhere to her friends, so I was alone. I went check the Dealers Hall and found 2 swaggy SnK T-shirts. Soon after that, I found Natsuwtfu. I couldn't stand the heat anymore, so I decided to change my clothes to something more casual, but still fab. Well, I had two new t-shirts now so I was able to change without going to the hotel.

Soon it was time for the concert. I and Natsuwtfu went to the line, which was really long. o -o We didn't have to wait for long though. Line moved quite fast when the doors opened. The concert itself was great <3 I really enjoyed it and cried It was so beautiful! ;u; They had these awesome AMV's with the music and this really talented opera singer! ;A; They played music from animes like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Shiki, My Neighbor Totoro and Silver Fang AND more. I remember only those what I listed. ^^''

When the concert was over we chilled for a while and wait for our friends to arrive. When they did, soon all four of us went to hotel. CissyDella was already there with lattiakaakeli and this other person ^^ 
We decided not to go to the evening party. We had a lot of fun with this group we had.  We headed to town to buy some pizza and soda. After that, went to the hotel to have a party of our own. 

Sunday came! I put my Erika (Pokémon HG/SS) cosplay on. CissyDella was Kofuku (Noragami) and Natsuwtfu rolled with casual. ^^ 
The weather was nice. It wasn't too hot or cold. Just perfect... Or it was until it started raining.

Good thing I had my fabulous pink umbrella with me. It really was needed!

There isn't much to write what I did on Sunday. We mostly chilled and walked around. It was really nice to see some friends I don't see that often. Especially Mey-chan, who I've been searching for whole Saturday. She was so cute with her Gabumon (Digimon) gijinka ;w; It was so nice to meet you! 

Taken by SleeprunnerInc. 
The camera was time traveling I guess, so please, don't mind the date xD

The con itself was very nice. I really enjoyed my time there with awesome people. Thanks guys, you made the con even better <3  
One last thing!

This years theme song for Animecon! 
-gasps and runs- yay~ <u<


  1. The first two pictures with that Cleaning!Levi cosplayers were funny! xD

    Also, that anime concert sounded really nice! How much did you pay for it? Oh and those SnK t-shirts <3

    1. Levi and his obsessions for cleaning while belts decide to go all derp :'DD

      It was <3 I guess they were something about 5€/ticket .__. But it was worth it!
      SnK-shirts are <3

  2. "Typerä nainen, ei siivoaminen mitään auta!" :'DDDDDDDDD Kyllä se Piisamirotta viisas on.

    Kiitokset ihanasta seurasta!♥ c:

    1. "Kaikki yhdentekevää!" -Filosofi Piisamirotta! :'DDDD

      Kiitokset itsellesi! Sinun kanssasi oli mukava olla ja derppiä! Seuraavassa conissa sitten! >8D

    2. "Pikkuleipiä tällaisessa tilanteessa? No ehkä yksi." :'DDD ..okei, jätetäänkös tämä mahtava kakkujen päälle istuksiva filosofi rauhaan tällä erää? :---D

      Ole hyvä vain ^.^ Ja kyllä, ehdottomasti seuraavassa conissa sitten! >:DDDD

  3. Damn belts, YOU SAID IT SISTER!!! Tiedän tunteen T_T

    1. Ne vyöt on ihanat, mutta kamalat ;-; Ihanata, että joku muukin ymmärtää <3

  4. I WANT THAT BOOTY!! XD I want to be DJ more often during our con trips xD<3 I am really glad you guys were there with me, in my opinion Animecon would have been pure shit without you and the others. 8''< Your Mikasa was so pretty, and I finally was Erika irl!<3 I'd like to go to Animecon next year again with you guys, you in? :D

    1. You're the best DJ! XD <3
      I was really happy to enjoy the con with you and the others as well! ;A; Too bad you couldn't finish Viktor, but maybe some other time. Your Kofuku was cute <3
      I'm in! 8D

  5. How did I notice this post so late? :DD

    I love the photos of Mikasa and Levi, they're so hilarious and cool at the same time XD It's shame that I didn't find you at Saturday :< But it was really really really nice to meet you! ^3^ I'll be your butler someday >:D

    (Ja minäkin teen joskus tuollaiset ihanan pitkät hihat niin kuin Erikalla. Koska tavaroiden kuljetus laukussa on niin mainstream :'D)


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