Animecon XI cosplay plans!

Yes! I'm coming to Animecon XI (Kuopio, Finland) and here are my cosplay plans! 8D


Mikasa Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin - Hangeki no Tsubasa
You remember that SSL!Chizuru-cosplays blue jacket? Well, I made a few changes to it while I was working on Megurine Luka. It has a new, better life as Mikasa's jacket now. >83 


Erika - Pokémon: Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Hellooo~ Erika! It's been a long time I cosplayed her last time~ (Skecon 2012)

See ya in Animecon people! o/ 


  1. I want to see that Mikasa NOW! <3 Also I´d love to hear from you how the Iltabileet was afterwards! :)

  2. asdomfg <3 I am so excited to spend time with you and others in Animecon!<3 It has been so long you've cosplayed Erika, rly? I didn't notice. Btw, we were thinking of having night photoshoot on Saturday after evening party, want to join? :D I think I will have to put on Viktor again... Pain in the ass but I think it would be worth it. :D

    1. asdfgh~ SOOON <3 I'm so excited about cosplaying Erika since I upgraded it >8D
      Night-shoot sounds GREAT! Of course I want to join! 8D Totally worth it! I really want to see your Viktor ö3ö

    2. My opponents need to be upgraded -Viktor. Awesum XD It will be fun, even tho I can't make the whole costume... ;< We can try to do something tomorrow together, but I just ran out of time, because certain things happened now(though they were meant to happen in autumn).

  3. Oh, Erika! Didn't see that one coming! :D I'm curious about the party!Konan, take pictures!
    Have fun there and write how it was later!

    1. Well now I have a better wig for Erika and also a hairband, so new pictures of her would be great. ^^


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