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Skecon cosplay plans!

Hell yeah! Skecon here I come! >8D As last years, I'll go to Skecon also this year!
What characters have I chosed for this year? Here are the plans!

Friday Chizuru Yukimura - Geiko version asdfghjklöä~ I'm so happy to wear this! \o/ Skecon will be held at the same place this year as  last year, so there'll be great places to photoshoot! Can't wait~ 8DDDDD
Saturday Megurine Luka - Am I a Human?
The one on the left side. I really like the design (+ I found perfect headphones for this one!). Also there'll be this Vocaloid Concert on Saturday, so that's a perfect day to put this one on! x3

Sunday Senhime - Sweet School Life O'Sen-chan! I was so happy that I got a wig for her! Now I only need to finish the school uniform! Kuumottaako?
Smell ya in Skecon~!