Lens test #Geo Bambi Almond

It was about time to make this post. I should've done this post earlier since I've been using these beautiful lenses.. ooops. Anyway, these lenses went pretty smoothly to my eyes and they're comfortable to wear. I really didn't feel them for hours I even checked that I still have them on. They also have this adorable enlarging effect Me gusta <3! ^^
And like I said, I've been using them for cosplay, but also non-cosplay. Now please, have some pictures;

My eyes without lenses how boring.

Wild lens appears. See the difference?  This pic is taken outside btw

I have eyes! 8D


And last, but not least, from distance. ^u^

Of course I had to make something like this. xD
This was originally a screencap from RPG-game called Mad Father.

Anyway, this was it~ adios amigos! o/


  1. Wow, these look so big and adorable on you! <3

  2. Oh my, Mad Father is so great game :D And those lenses are cool~~ ᵔ.ᵔ


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