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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to get spidermen run around your eyes? - False eyelashes

This post is a tutorial how to put false eyelashes on. Some of you might think this is probably stupid or unnecessary, but I know many people who doesn't know how to put them on. "What does falsies have to do with cosplay then?" False eyelashes looks really good in the pictures and they work very well with female characters! So here it goes. :)

Just as an overview of false lashes, they come in different lengths and styles. My personal favorites are Asian-brand lashes. They look often more natural because they're shorter, but because I have a packet of 20 pairs of Marlliss falsies, I'll use them until I lose them (I've already lost many pairs ._.). They look good as well in my opinion.
How many times I can use the same pair of falsies?
If you take a good care of your lashes (clean them, remove the previous glue etc.), you can wear them basically until it starts losing its shape and falling apart.

Here's a picture of my false lashes I'm using now kauhiat katokset silimien päälä
That tube next to them is the glue. :)

Feel free to try different kinds of falsies! For first timers, I'd recommend looking for shorter lashes as you want to get used to how it looks with your face first. 

Now the actual tutorial.
First step you need to curl your natural lashes. This will help keep the lashes in place and blend you natural lashes. Also make sure you've done the eye makeup, for example if you need eye shadow, put that first. 
This stick here is my eyelash-curler!

After you've curled your natural eyelashes, add just a few coats of mascara. I usually use blackest black-mascara. You can also add the mascara after you have the falsies on, but in my opinion falsies become dirty, so I prefer mascara before falsies. There ain't no right or wrong way, do how you want. :3

Next you have to measure the length of the false lashes compared to your eyes. Many of them are too long for me, so I just place glueless lash on my lashline and see how much I must cut off. You can use small scissors and cut the amount you need to.

After that is done! Apply the glue. You need just a thin line on the band of the lashes. After you've applied the glue, wait 5-10 seconds (I usually count to 10). After that, take the falsies and apply those spidermen to the right place!




Double yes!

Now I got extra hair all in the right places! 8D

Applying falsies is probably the most difficult part. It's difficult because you have to apply them as close to your lashline as possible. You can use bare hands to apply or forceps, whatever is the best technique to yourself! ^^

Well this was it! If you have something you want to ask, just leave a comment :). Hopefully this was helpful and fix me if I'm wrong with something. Also I'd be interested to hear your experiences with false lashes. Now, adios amigos!


  1. Yay for this tutorial! <3 I want to start with fake eyelashes so this is very useful for me, thanks! Now to buy some stuff and do a review... ~
    Oh, and beautiful pictures XD

    1. Awesome! >8D You're very welcome. I'm happy that this is useful. <3

  2. great blog, I love blogs like this one, with a passion :)
    keep in touch? :)
    I love to read and learn about new cultures, customs and people :)
    greetings from Polish <3