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Lens test #Geo Bambi Almond

It was about time to make this post. I should've done this post earlier since I've been using these beautiful lenses.. ooops. Anyway, these lenses went pretty smoothly to my eyes and they're comfortable to wear. I really didn't feel them for hours I even checked that I still have them on. They also have this adorable enlarging effect Me gusta <3! ^^
And like I said, I've been using them for cosplay, but also non-cosplay. Now please, have some pictures;
My eyes without lenses how boring.
Wild lens appears. See the difference?  This pic is taken outside btw
I have eyes! 8D
And last, but not least, from distance. ^u^

Of course I had to make something like this. xD This was originally a screencap from RPG-game called Mad Father.
Anyway, this was it~ adios amigos! o/

How to get spidermen run around your eyes? - False eyelashes

This post is a tutorial how to put false eyelashes on. Some of you might think this is probably stupid or unnecessary, but I know many people who doesn't know how to put them on. "What does falsies have to do with cosplay then?" False eyelashes looks really good in the pictures and they work very well with female characters! So here it goes. :)

Just as an overview of false lashes, they come in different lengths and styles. My personal favorites are Asian-brand lashes. They look often more natural because they're shorter, but because I have a packet of 20 pairs of Marlliss falsies, I'll use them until I lose them (I've already lost many pairs ._.). They look good as well in my opinion.
How many times I can use the same pair of falsies? If you take a good care of your lashes (clean them, remove the previous glue etc.), you can wear them basically until it starts losing its shape and falling apart.

Here's a picture of my false lashes I'm using now kauhiat…