Kitacon - Being serious? What is it?

On the weekend of 1.-2.3, Kitacon 6 was held in Kemi. As I've said in other posts, I of course went there! I live only 12 km away from Kemi! + Free entrance <3 Kitacon opened this cosplay year! Let's see if I remember anything!

I went to my friend's TanukiCutie's house on Friday. I have actually nothing to say about that day, we were just hanging around and derp like usual. So yup.. Nothing interesting. ._.
On Saturday-morning TanukiCutie's awesome dad took us to Kemi's Sauvotalo the building where the con was held. When we arrived, I saw some familiar faces, like Jäätynyt Enkeli, Hasakitsuki and Valkoinen Samurai. My friend TanukiCutie had to leave the con early for her personal reasons, so I had to say good-bye for her, so sad you couldn't enjoy the con :(. During the event we met more familiar faces and just went up hanging around the con building and soon Valkoinen Samurai photoshooted my Shiemi cosplay yay<3
Cosplayer: Me (Shiemi Moriyama, Ao no Exorcist)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

 I didn't do anything special on Saturday. The whole day just went by chatting with people, checking the con building + dealers hall and eating in Chinese restaurant.. So again.. nothing that interesting to mention. Or at least I can't remember, sorry... I stayed in the con pretty much as late as I could, then my mom came and drove me home. My mom was actually in the con too. She went to maid cafe with my little brother and bought a skull ornament and a skull woolly hat from Octopussy Clothing's table. Yes, she likes skulls.

On Sunday I tried to wake up early and somehow managed to, but then again, I was super laggy and just lazy. But not that lazy that I couldn't put my cosplay on :'D. So I just put my Rangiku cosplay on (the wig was borrowed from CissyDella, thanks to her <3). After I was done I jumped to the bus and went to the con. During that bus trip nothing interesting really happened, but it was really uncomfortable. Don't ever go to the con by bus with a Rangiku-cosplay on, especially when there's a drunk guy. .____. When I arrived to the con I found Bleach cosplay group! (aka. Gin Ichimaru (Valkoinen Samurai), Ishida Uryu (Jäätynyt Enkeli) and Rukia Kuchiki (Hasakitsuki) <3) We tried to have a photoshoot but.. Well we weren't able to get any serious-business-pics xD. It was pretty much just derping.. but then again I was able to have a solo-shoot for my Rangiku cosplay.
"Shooting time shooting time.."
Cosplayer: Me (Rangiku Matsumoto, Bleach)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Some hours later it was time for FFFight (improvised one). We didn't really have anything else to do, so we went watch it. I must say it was pretty entertaining. Especially the final fight between the Dubinators and The challengers! It was really awesome and epic. My congrats for the winner! No, I don't mean the maids >8D

After that it was pretty much just hanging around again. And soon it was all over I had to leave. I was able to go with CissyDella and Jennysja <3.
Don't you think that you can just run away yet!
Bonus pics!

 Grumpy is grumpy :c
 I really don't approve this sh*t but then when you're super laggy and tired, you have no choice xD. 
Thanks Skrillex for giving me this <3
 "I'm so fabulous!"
This is what happens when I get the Kratos plush. It's so cute <3 ;w;

Getting tired of all crap? You're free now!
See you soon in other post what ever it will be! o/


  1. It was so fun to hang with you again even though we mostly just herpderped around.. as usual. :'DD Also grumpy!Matsumoto is fucking beautiful. xD

  2. It was very nice to hang out with you again, thank you for your company and I look forward to Närcon which is the next con were we see each other again 8)

    Dat Kratos plushie is too cute, indeed <3

    1. So it was with you! I'm looking forward to Närcon as well! ^^

      Tui <3

  3. oot nii lutunen shieminä ja kaunis matsumotona :(♥

  4. OH dat grumpy Matsumoto XD
    It was very nice to meet you in Kitacon and I really admire you for cosplaying Matsumoto because seriously, dat flashing + fighting off drunk guys. And you're so cute as Shiemi <3 can't get over it ~

    1. Grumpy Matsumoto is beautiful <3 xD
      It was nice to spend some time with you as well <3 You're awesome *brofist*


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