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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Testing contact lenses #Geo Bambi Sesame Gray

Yeah~ Another post of contact lenses, this time gray gay lenses. Gray color was needed actually for Miku cosplay, but it actually works also for Rangiku Matsumoto though they might be too "kawaii" for her, but makeup can make changes. Well, anyway, have some pictures of the lenses, that's what you wanted to see, right? ^^''

I apologize the quality of the pics, they are taken with a phone, deal with it
My eyes without contacts
With contacts
See the difference? Good!
Now from distance..

I have nothing more to say I guess. If you have something you want to know about these contact lenses, just ask by leaving a comment below. :3

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flower warning!

As you know I'll cosplay as Shiemi Moriyama (kimono-manga version) in Kitacon 6 (1.-2.3.), so here's the thing, the cosplay was almost done, but there was something missing from it, and that was kimonos flower print and the hairband.

 Those kind of flowers as you can see from this picture.

So all I had to do is just paint flowers, I only have an "after" picture of the sleeves;

The blue paint is sprayed to sleeves and hem. I mixed the blue color and water into a spray bottle, you can guess the rest.

Now excuse me, I'll spam flowers here!
The first flower I painted. I must say I like painting flowers but I suck at it!
Probably the only good picture of the flowers xD
such skills
much quality
Okay, when the flowers were painted, there were only the hairband I have to mod. I was about to just go with my pink hairband with a black bow tie on it, but... meh. This still didn't mean I couldn't use it at all, the pink hairband could be used as the base of it.
First I had these two same sized and shaped white pieces of fabric -> I sewed them together, added black lace, flowers and took the black bow tie from the pink hairband and added it somewhere between the flowers -> finished it and the result looked like this:
K, not like this exactly.. 
 "..Close enough..."
Okay, better for me if I roll outta here right now.. Bye! o/