#Makeup test - Miku

First, happy late new year everyone! I wanted to write this post while I'm still on vacation. (school starts tomorrow, oops.) 
Anyway, this makeup is designed for Miku (Asaki Yumemishi Not Hatsune). She's one of those characters I'll cosplay this year.
This sweet little girl in this picture is Miku!

Let's start!
In this first picture you can see my face without makeup on. That white button thingy is the white color I use to make my face white. That color is a water-activate color too just like my Konan cosplays eye shadow.

I added that white color on my face with a wet makeup sponge. After My face was all white I added super carefully neutral powder. After I was done with my face it was time to do the eye makeup.

I must say about that water-activate paint that it dries very fast (which makes the powder adding easier), but the outlook isn't smooth, so before adding the powder I had to even my face first. It's not as difficult as painting my face first, but of course I have to be careful with that. I don't want to ruin my face!

Pictures of my makeup process with the eyes and eyebrows. Almost done. I used to my eyes only white/light gray eye shadow, liquid eyeliner and mascara. For eyebrows I just used red eye shadow, nothing fancy folks! 

All done <3 I don't have a wig for Miku yet and this wig was actually for Sasori cosplay. It's the only red wig I have so it can do, this is only a test anyway.

... at least I tried.

Bye now! 


  1. Siusta tulee niin söpö Miku :3 ja toi viimeinen kuvanmuokkaus on super XD

  2. Ooh kiinostavaa! Odotan niin innolla tätä cossia! <3 Pitäis Ichitoa vähän korjailla.. *köh*
    Tuo viimeinen kuva on kaunis. Erittäin.

    1. Odotan tätä innolla itsekin myönnettäköön. Korjaile ihmeessä! Ichito on hieno miäs! c:
      Huhu kiitos.


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