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Angel in the middle of winter

I had Konan photoshoot 15th December, while I visited Jäätynyt Enkeli's place. I had to wake up kinda early to put my cosplay on. I didn't realize how difficult the makeup actually was, I've never done any kind of makeup tests or anything.. I thought it would be a lot easier, then again, I tested this water-activate face paint for the first time. I must say they were kinda difficult to apply, but they at least stay on face better than a normal eye shadow, and they're very easy to wash off. My mom bought them for me a long time ago from a beautician fair. Anyway, when I was ready with the cosplay I walked to Valkoinen Samurai's place. I was kinda worried 'cause it was snowing outside, so I was just wondering how would my eye shadow react, but I think everything went just well. Or at least I didn't turn into a smurf or anything.
Cosplayer: Me (Konan) Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

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