Chibicon / Sinulla 14 tuntia aikaa jättää valitus ja imeä nyyttejä

I know this post came a bit late, and I'm sorry for that. I've been kinda busy at school. I still am ;_; Anyway, I just want to write this post so I don't need to worry about that anymore! Let's see if I can remember anything anymore...

Chibicon (9th November) was held in Pohjankartano (Oulu).
On Friday Jäätynyt EnkeliHasakitsuki and Valkoinen Samurai came to my place house wagon. It was a lot easier that way I live closer to Oulu. On Saturday morning we put our cosplays on and my grandma drove us four to Chibicon.

When we got to the con we just walked around and checked the merchandise and also spent some time with familiar faces. It was nice to see those friends I usually only see at cons. ^^ We had a plan to go watch the cosplay competition, but when we saw that line growing we lost our interest to go watch it, sorry CissyDella </3. Oh! And before I forget, we had this little photoshoot outside!

Cosplayer: Me (Kosuzu)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Valkoinen Samurai as Ibuki
This picture was taken by Jäätynyt Enkeli

I don't really have much to say about the con, I was happy to see my friends and spend time with them. I really needed that.. I've been kinda stressed out because of school, but thanks for Chibicon, I could relax a bit and think about something else. :3
I also bought this Leafeon plushie. I've designed a Leafeon gijinka, so that plushie can be used as a prop. ^^ I don't know when I'll start working with that cosplay, though I have a wig for it.. That's something, right?

I still have a few photos for you! Don't go anywhere! D:

Hasakitsuki was cold in her Chizuru cosplay ;_; I tried to warm her..

 After all those treatments I've done, the wig still trolls me.. :c

Okay, this was it, see you folks later if I survive from school!
Bye bye <3


  1. Ihana Kosuzu olet. <3 Dat wig!
    By the way huomasin ettet laittanut sitä toista duo-kuvaa meistä..?

    1. Kiituksia ;w; <3
      Anteeksi, en edes huomannut kun tätä postausta näpersin koulussa ^^'' Asia korjattu!


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