Viansietotilassa and cosplay plans for Chibicon Oulu

If you didn't know, I'm going to Chibicon Oulu (9th Novelmber). It's also my last con this year. Last year (2012) I had so much fun in Chibicon Thanks for this InuYasha group! <3 >8D So I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the con also this year!
Enough talking! Now the cosplay plans!

Character: Kosuzu
Series: Hakuouki: Reimeiroku

Kosuzu Kossupullo time! I'm really happy to cosplay as her again! It has been a long time since I cosplayed as her last time Kitacon 5 ;w; I'm so happy now! <3

Before I leave I want to tell you that I may not be able to walk like normal people at the con Thanks for my PE-teacher.. My legs and back hurts like hell! This pain won't heal for the con. Just warning you guys!

See ya in Chibicon folks! o/ <3


  1. Kosuzu yay! Can't wait to see this live! <3

    Now I just hope I will get my Ibuki wig on time.. c'mon it has been sailing around somewhere in the world for one month now dangnabbit! D: Wig please, arrive before the con okay..? ;^;

    1. Awwh, hopefully your Ibuki wig arrives soon! ;___; I really want to see you as Ibuki!

  2. Kossupullo, hihi <3

    Haluan nähdä tämän jo! ~

  3. Ooh 8D Long time no see Kossupullo! Too bad et huolinu Ibukiksi ;P

    1. Long time indeed ~ Olisit vain tullut Ibukiksi ;w; <3

    2. Se, että tieten tahtoen vetää douple cossin jostai hahmosta, on not sure if gusta ;/

    3. Oh well~ Sun Chibi-cossis on kuitenki me gusta <3 :'3

  4. Asuna Yuuki is a heroine and the partner of Kirito in the Sword Art Online series. Her original avatar in ALfheim Online, was as Fairy Queen, Titania. She wore a white outfit, with a white long skirt, tube top showing her belly, along with a red ribbon that goes around the top part of her top that comes together to make a bow. She goes barefoot, and wears a white strip around her ankles! This Asuna Yuuki cosplay costume looks like a long dress, and this is why I love it very much!


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