SSL!Chizuru preview // Marce kertoo tarkemmat speksit

Today I decided to make a SSL!Chizuru test (I wanted to make sure everything looked tolerable). I also had time (read: no school) to do makeup test as well, which (in my opinion) turned out well. And about the pictures, I've been alone at home, so the pictures aren't the best ones, but  this is only a preview anyway so.. here goes nothing! =3=

These two was the best ones, trust me! (even though that bow tie derps in that second picture..) Oh well! At least you guys are able to see how am I going to look like on Saturday Yay~~ \o/ See you guys then! <3


  1. Valmista tuli yay~
    Ja tuo gif.. oli reps lähellä. xD

    1. Valmiina derppeihin! >8D
      Gifit on parhautta :'D <3

  2. Olet niin söpö Chizuru! Toivottvasti siulla on siel hauskaa o/


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