Kemi's Mangaday // Hakuouki: Sweet SMURF Life

Kemi's Mangaday is a small event held in Kemi DUH This time the event lasted 8 hours, usually it has been 4 hours. 
Now screw that and let's get to the actual story!

So, my dad drove me, my bro and CissyDella to Kemi in the morning. We got to the Kulttuurikeskus (the building where the event was held at) just at the same time as Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki Dat perfect timing :'D Almost all of us cosplayed from Hakuouki: Sweet School Life. Hasakitusuki was stuck in the past, she cosplayed normal version of Chizuru<3 I cosplayed the SSL-verison of Chizuru, CissyDella, Harada-sensei and Valkoinen Samurai, Hijikata-sensei. I actually had my original Chizuru cosplay with me anyway, but we can come back to that later. We derped around for a while, walked around, chatted a little while and took some pictures ^^
 Yes, I had to take that jacket off, I was dying! This cosplay was even hotter than I expected.
That cap is my bro's btw
There is a library in the Kulttuurikeskus, so we four headed there to relax a bit. We had wait our Shinpachi-sensei aka Jennysja.

Double-Chizuru and Harada-sensei chillin'
After we had our teachers and one student we headed outside for photoshoot, but... The photoshoot was more like try-not-to-laugh-challenge for all of us :'DDD Idk, we just couldn't help it, but at least we had fun! Some of the pictures (from CissyDella's camera) turned to blue for some reason, so that's how we came up with that Hakuouki: Sweet SMURF Life xD.
It was getting cold for others, not me :'D so we decided to go inside the building and tried to look for other place to photoshoot, library was the solution! This time we actually did got some pictures that wasn't completely derp. Mikä saavutus! : D Though I didn't get any solo pictures of my cosplay, but.. well, this is NOT the last time I'll cosplay the SSL-version, so I can take pictures of that later ^^
After shooting about 13 o'clock we decided to go eat to a Chinese restaurant or I wasn't eating but I joined anyway. At least I could take some random photos. We wasn't in any kind of a hurry, we had time.. Okay, I wanted to go back right after my friend Cecilia called me and told me she was there too, but I tried to be patient with success!. After my friends finished their food we got back to that library again to take more pictures. I didn't spend my time that long there, so I left to the other side of the building to go chat and derp even more with my friends and meet the new ones too :'D.
Have some pictures anyway! o///
 Harada's disappointment when SenHime wasn't around.
 The bitch!Chizuru is back! Please, don't ask. I have no idea what was going on in my mind.
After some time again we all got a bit bored and we split up where ever we went. I was just derping and chatting with my friends I haven't seen for a while! It was so nice to hangout with all of you and hopefully we'll see again in Chibicon! <3

Basically, all what we actually did at the event was just taking pictures, hangout with some people and DEEEEEERRRRRP. :'3 But the party wasn't over, or at least not with me, Hasakituski and Valkoinen Samurai, because after my mom drove us three to Haparanda (to Valkoinen Samurai's and Hasakitsuki's apartment), we had awesome gaming night! AWWW YEAAH! >8D We also had a photoshoot on Sunday, but I'll make a post for that later!

Now excuuuuse me, I'll go do something interesting!
See ya! <3

PS. What I'm going to do has NOTHING to do with Twilight


  1. Was a fun read and nice that you got SSL!Chizuru done in time! :D

    1. Nice to hear that xD SSL!Chizuru would need some fix (jacket's button's are not going how they should if you check the references) ^^'' Also that knit's hoodie needs to be removed! But I'm happy for it anyway c:


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