Fixed okobo's and new combs - Kossupullo is back!

If you, my dear reader don't know, my Kosuzu-cosplays okobos and combs broke in Kitacon 5, and because it seems I'm going to cosplay Kosuzu this year again in Chibicon (Oulu), I decided to fix them. It was about time...
Dem feels when I didn't take more than two pictures about my okobos, but two is better than nothing, right? I'm working with my cosplays without an any thought of taking pictures of the actual process. Anyway, the string broke while the con right before the cosplay competition. I didn't have time to add black paint on them before the con, so they had it's natural wooden color on them!
This picture is just to show you guys what kind of shoes okobos are, usually they don't have any paint on, but as you can see, Kosuzu's okobos are black.

Fixed ones! And as usual, my camera loves to distort the colors!

After painting them and waiting until they are dry I made my combs and guess what? No process pictures! \o/ The combs I made last time was made of clay, which wasn't the best option especially when having hyperactive con-friends, so you can guess what happened..
What did you expect?
New ones are actually made of cardboard, yes, cardboard! I was skeptical about that material, I must admit, but they doesn't look that bad actually. At least they are easy to add on my head and if they fall, they won't get broken. :) 

In these pictures I've tested some makeup for halloween, not for Kosuzu-cosplay, okay? :'D Idk, can you see the combs from these pictures *coughtakenbycrappyphonecough*, but that's all I got. Hopefully I can have some pictures of the whole costume and the actual makeup on before the con, so you can see the outlook I also just simply need more pictures of this cosplay!
Erm.. This is all now folks! I'll just leave this song here ~ Halloween tunnelmia anyone?

See ya! <3


  1. Kosuzu näyttää niin pelottavalta tolla meikillä!!!! Hyi tulee kauheita mielikuvia mitä sille on käynyt D:
    Itekki pitäis kaivaa Kosuzu esiin ja korjailla hieman, jos sitä aikoo ens vuonna kierrättää.

    1. Kieltämättä sain itseki jotain mielikuvia Kosuzusta tuossa kunnossa..

      Oooh! Sun Kosuzus haluanki nähdä livenä! ;w;

  2. Yay you repaired it! I must say when I saw that make-up picture my mind went like "whoaaaaa"!
    I think making the combs out of cardboard is pretty cool, at least they won't break when dropped and I assume they are lighter as well? :)

    1. I'm really proud of done combs, I must admit :'D And yes, that makeup is beautiful <3
      I already dropped them few times and no, they won't break and yes they sure are much lighter! :) It's a very good thing because the wig itself is heavy.


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