After Mangapäivät - Okita & Chizuru photoshoot

Finally writing this post and telling you the secret of my original Chizuru cosplay in my bag during Kemi's Mangaday

I, Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki had a plan to photoshoot on Sunday (6th October). There isn't that much more to tell that I (obviously) put my original Chizuru cosplay on, so did Hasakitsuki, double Chizuru ftw! <3. Valkoinen Samurai cosplayed Okita Souji (in that yukata he wears while sick).
I first took pictures of Valkoinen Samurai with Hasakitsuki and then we made a swap. You can see more pictures from here.

Cosplayers: Me (Chizuru Yukimura), Valkoinen Samurai (Souji Okita)
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

There isn't nothing more to say than I had fun and thank you Hasakitsuki and Valkoinen Samurai for a fabulous weekend! I really need to come over more often! I don't have photographers here ;_;

See ya later! <3


  1. You are so cute as Chizuru agjdsghs. ;A; You need to come over more often so we can have cosplay photoshoots like this! >8D

    1. Oh mai, thanks! ;;A;; You're so kind!
      IKR! >8D


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