Tracon VIII // I'm a hugger! (Like you haven't noticed)

Yesterday I got safely back home from Tampere! My travel company this time were CissyDella and Jennysja. Thank you guys, you are awesome and you know that!

Because I live far away from Tampere, I had to start my journey already on Friday, even though the actual con started on Saturday. First me and CissyDella had a bus trip to Ii. I didn't have school on Friday so I was able to check if I packed everything. Of course forgot my camera dang it! After the bus trip it was time for looong car trip. Nothing special happened during the trips. We just mostly derped like we usual do. We were able to sleep at lattiakaakeli's place, yay <3. At her place there were also two awesome persons like klakenkingi (CissyDella's bf) and Maletsu.

DAT LAG! CissyDella and klakenkingi didn't let me sleep that well, but I don't really mind about that anymore. We all woke up at somewhat same time (after 7 o'clock about.) We all had somewhat cosplay-rumble there! I was cosplaying as Arisa Uotani (Fruits Basket), Jennysja was Ryuji Suguro (Ao no Exorcist), CissyDella and klalenkingi as Dynasty Ahri and Dragon Fist Lee Sin (League of Legends), lattiakaakeli and her little borther as Hunter (Left 4 Dead 2) and last but not least, Maletsu as Suigetsu Hozuki (Naruto Shippuden). When we all were ready, it was time to go to Tampere Talo (aka the building where the con was held at). Me, CissyDella and Maletsu went there by klakenkingi's car, while the rest of the group went there by bus.
After we all made it there, we all separated. I just walked around the con place and soon found Jäätynyt Enkeli there yay~!
Soon after chatting with Jäätynyt Enkeli I found even more familiar faces like HasakitsukiValkoinen Samurai and Ri-chan! Me, Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki all cosplayed from Fruits Basket. Hasakistuki as Kyo Sohma and Valkoinen Samurai as Kureno Sohma. There was this Fruits Basket meet at 11.50(?) It was kinda short meet, but we were able to take some pictures of our group, which was actually fun. (:
Idk when the meet was actually over, we all just left. Guess what we did? Well photoshoot!

Cosplayer: Me
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Bonus pictures!
 Kureno's bird! <3

I don't even ... o/

These pictures turned out pretty good if you don't count the derp ones even though I wasn't happy with the cosplay. How awesome!
After we took pictures enough and hanged out together, I had to leave these people for a moment. I had to change for my Evening Party cosplay, which was Shiemi Moriyama from Ao no Exorcist. We had a small AnE-group, Jennysja as Ryuji Suguro, CissyDella as Izumo Kamiki... Too bad we didn't photoshoot. It was too dark to take any pictures. I don't actually even mind about that, because my cosplay was kinda fast-made anyway. I'll make a better skirt, bow and buy a new wig and get contact lenses for sure!
As you can see from this picture..Sooo not the best Shiemi xD

After I changed and got back to Tampere Talo Hasakitsuki, Jäätynyt Enkeli, Valkoinen Samurai and Ri-chan had to leave, so I told them farewell and went back search for my friends, but then I saw JääräZkitsune and Yamachu, and spent some time with them too :'3 Yay <3 
Yamachu's hat <3 (Photo is taken by Jäärä)
After spending time with these three I went back to search AnE-cosplayers, and after some time found them. We went to dancing floor and.. Okay I left right away :'D. I don't really enjoy dancing..
Ja näin reivaa Sairu-chan, ja Sairu-chan reivaa näin~
My dancing would probably look like that.. So I just went outside and I had a nice chat with some friends from the Anime Seminar. (: I got also scared by this guy with a Justin Bieber mask on XD In a creepy way, he was cool :'DDD
 After some time me and CissyDella were kinda tired, so me, her, Jennysja and klakenkingi went back to lattiakaakeli's place.

On Sunday I woke up at 7.55 o'clock. Others were still asleep, so while waiting for others to wake up I put my Chizuru Yukimura (Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan)-cosplay on. Soon after the others woke up and put their cosplays on. Cissy as Dynasty Ahri (League of Legends) again, klakenkingi as Hunter (Left 4 Dead 2), Jennysja as Suguro Ryuji again. lattiakaakeli and Maletsu had their own rainbow-jump-suit thingy, which actually looked pretty cool. 
Me, Cissy and Maletsu went to the con by klakenkingi's car again. We separated as soon as we got there. When I walked in to Tampere Talo I saw Hasakitsuki as oni!Chizuru! And soon after Valkoinen Samurai as rasetsu!Hijikata How awesome is that? :'D And I didn't have to wait for long time to see Jäätynyt Enkeli's Kratos Aurion cosplay! We walked around and at the merchandise room we saw this awesome Kazama Chikage cosplayer!! And took some pictures! 
So awesome Kazama <3 ;w;
I was also able to see Ri-chan's awesome Bilbo-cosplay!! <3 I was so happy! Kazama-cosplayer went her own ways and Jäätynyt Enkeli went to that Tales of-meet, so we four went outside for photoshoot!
Cosplayers: Valkoinen Samurai and me
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

If you want to see more pictures of Hakuouki photoshoot, go see Valkoinen Samurai's and Hasakitsuki's Tracon 8 Summary's. I only post those pictures where I am. c:

During our photoshoot Jäärä, Yamachu and Zkitsune joined us! Yay!

Zkitsune's awesome SSL-Harada cosplay *3*
Chizuru has men dang it! >8DDD
Not to mention me and Hasakitsuki had twin-Chizuru moments a lot because I like to hug people xD Sorry, if that bothers you, just tell me to stop it if you don't like it ^^''
My awesome twin <3 ;;A;;
After some shooting I went to chill out to the con cafeteria with ValkoinenSamurai, Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli

These were my last moments at the con. I went outside to take some pictures of Jäätynyt Enkeli's Kratos cosplay and then I had to leave. Yup, and the clock was only about 14.00, we had to get back to North before Monday :'D. I was considering the train, but then realized I couldn't even go by that. Jäätynyt Enkeli said his good byes for me and then it was time to leave, with a plaintive mind. I really wished I could be there for a little longer. Oh well, no can do ^^''. At least I had fun at Tracon, thanks for all these awesome people I spent time with! <3 You're all awesome! <3 ;u; Until we see again!


  1. Hihii, kiitoksia taas ihanasta seurasta! Halit ovat tervetulleita, minäkin tykkään halata! :33 Varsinkin sun ylisöpöä Shiemiä!

    Seuraavaan kertaan siis! =)

    1. Oh stop it, you! <3 >///3///<

      Seuraavaan kertaan, milloin se ikinä lieneekään o 3 o

  2. yritin ettii sua tracos pariin kertaan mut nähtiin vasta sunnuntaina ohi mennen : ( oot nii lutunen chizuru et alkaa tehä mieli cossaa itekki hakuoukista :)

    1. Valitettavasti just mun lähtiessä nähtiinki ;_; (Toisaalta parempi niin kuin, ettei ollenkaan ^^'')
      Ohmai 8D Cossaa ihmeessä! <3

  3. Oh Darnet. minä ja JohGaga aka. svärje poijken cossattiin sunnuntaina amaimonia ja mephistoa. olis ollu kiva ottaa kuvia :I nojaa ehkä joku toinen kerta XD

    1. Ikr! ;__; <3 Todellakin joku toinen kerta kun Shiemi-cossiani on paranneltu! >8D

  4. Oli ihana nähdä taas sinuakin! Olet aina niin pirteä ja energinen että se tarttuu >8D awawa ja olin niin söpö siin AnE cossissa + hattu XD Ja aivan loistava Chizuru. <3

    kunnes taas tapaamme o/

    1. Kuin myös sinua! Vajotukseni on siis tarttuvaa, hohoho~ ö3ö
      Awawawawa Kiitoksia ;___; <3

      Kunnes tapaamme jälleen! o/

  5. Oohh~ Ihaninta coniseuraa mitä olla ja voi<3 Ens kerral uusiksi n-n kuvat <3 varsinki hakuouki. Pitää kattoa jos sitä itsekki sais netin toimii kunnolla sen verra, että saan laitettua Traconin jälkipyykkiä blogiin :D

    1. Kiitoksia samoin ja ensvuon uusiksi vaan! <3 Parasta alkaa netin toimia siellä puolen kunnolla kukuku >8DDD

  6. Aaah olet niin buenota coniseuraa! <3 Oli taas niin mukavaa hengata!

    Harmittaa vaan ku en päässyt sanomaan sulle baibaita. :'c Oh well, nähdään Kemin mangapäivissä kummiski, right? >8D

    1. Niin sinäkin ja mukavaa oli hengata sinunkin kanssa <3 ;_;

      Jäi harmittamaan minuakin moinen, mutt pääsitpähän minusta kätevästi eroon! >8D
      Mangapäivil nähdään seuraavan kerran! o/

  7. Twin Chizuru! <3
    I'm sad you had to leave so early but I'm very happy I got to see you at Tracon, these photoshoots were awesome! ~
    And say what you want, you look very cute as Shiemi >8D

    1. Twin Chizuru! <3 *DOUBLE brofist*
      I'm sad about it as well, but we'll see again! Photoshoots truly were awesome! Thank you. o/
      Noooooo I don't >8DDDDD I'll never admit that! o/

  8. Kiitos ihanasta seurasta XD Söpö Chizuru ja Shiemi olit :3
    ja tuo kuva meistä on kiva xD
    ~until next time!

    1. Kiitoksia sinullekin tosi buenosta seurasta! xD Sen sanon vielä, ett teillä omituinen käsitys söpöstä! >8D

      -Until we see when ever it is! o/

  9. Kiitos ajan vietosta ja Kratos kuvamisestä silloin, ja minä NIIN ymmärän tuon tanssi osan xD

    Jos haluat tulla junalla joskus tulevaisuudessa coniin niin kerro se minulle.

    1. Kiitokset myös sinulle! Kanssasi oli mukavaa hengata! Tanssiminen ei ole minun juttuni xD

      Kerron toki! (:


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