Tracon 8 cosplay plans here!

Tracon 8 is coming closer and closer. I changed my cosplay plans for Sunday probably over 9000 times, but now I think I've finally made my decisions. After this post, there is no turning back! Case closed! u_u

Character: Arisa Uotani
Series: Fruits Basket
I heard that there will be Fruits Basket group cosplay at Tracon and they didn't have Arisa cosplayer there, so why not? ^^

Iltabileet (=Evening party)

Pokémon: Shiny Umbreon
I don't really enjoy those parties, but now I'm forced to go. I may not spend my time dancing, but if I can have any pictures of this cosplay (gijinka), I'm on! Last time (Animecon X) I cosplayed also Umbreon, but that gijika wasn't the actual one I designed, but this time it'll be that actual one. c: If I'm lazy/tired I'll just keep the Arisa makeup's and wig on and just change that school Uniform to Chinese-styled dress.

Character: Chizuru Yukimura
Series: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan
Chizuru time again! There were three different versions of Chizuru I was considering. This, oni!version, which I canceled because it seems my friend ShiroLuna can't come there. We had a plan to cosplay as oni-versions of Kaoru and Chizuru :c ShiroLuna, we have to do that oni-cosplay in the future dang it! The third one was Sweet School Life-version which first seemed so strong, but then again I realized I have to make whole new jacket for that.. Lazy Sairu-chan is just being lazy, deal with it.

See you at Tracon bros!


  1. I approve of these!

    Come and hang with me and Hasakitsuki on Sunday, we will have Hakuouki cosplays as well!~ <3

  2. Twin Chizuru! :'D I will be your Oni twin this time, and hopefully will tag along in the Fruits Basket group as well! ^-^
    (Afraid of wearing a skirt? ;) )

    1. Twin-Chizuru-Sister! <3 You can make your Momiji cosplay in time! I'm sure of it! :'3

      (Yes T^T)

  3. Oh yes <3 Love these, especially Umbreon :3 Photoshoot with mee? :D

    1. Me gusta your cosplays as well <3 And photoshoot? FUCK YEAH >8DDD


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