Just a tiny change for cosplay plans..

This is nothing serious people! No need to panic! My cosplay for iltabileet (evening party) changes only!
For me this is a bit sad thing, I really wanted to get some pictures of my Shiny Umbreon gijinka read: I planned to have a photoshoot during the party.. But because my obi died, I can't. ;___; Luckily I have plan!

So the plans will change from this;

To this;

Character: Noriko Paku
Series: Ao no Exorcist
 It seems my friends are cosplaying from AnE, so why not? XD I do have that ribbon and a shirt. And that skirt is pretty easy to make! ^^  Sakuraba cosplay-wig works with Noriko just fine! o/

I won't keep you here any longer. This is my last post before Tracon! See you guys there! o/ <3


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