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Cosplay For Kemi's Manga Day

As you know, Kemi's Manga Day is a small event only 8 hours but why not cosplay anyway? :'D I'll try to make a quick preview post of this cosplay when everything's done. Or maybe even a small photoshoot? Who knows. Anyway, the cosplay...

Character: Chizuru Yukimura Series: Hakuouki: Sweet School Life Awww yeah, Hakuouki time again! As I said, Manga Day is only a small event and this version of Chizuru is just good! I'm also trying to make EVERY version of Chizuru so even better! There'll also be other Hakuouki: SSL-cosplayers so we're having a group there! Me gusta! This is not 100% done, I still need to work with that jacket dangit! Don't worry, I can make it in time! If not then give me detention or something xD Uhm.. Nothing else to say right now so.. Bye now! <3

Tracon VIII // I'm a hugger! (Like you haven't noticed)

Yesterday I got safely back home from Tampere! My travel company this time were CissyDella and Jennysja. Thank you guys, you are awesome and you know that!

Because I live far away from Tampere, I had to start my journey already on Friday, even though the actual con started on Saturday. First me and CissyDella had a bus trip to Ii. I didn't have school on Friday so I was able to check if I packed everything. Of course forgot my camera dang it! After the bus trip it was time for looong car trip. Nothing special happened during the trips. We just mostly derped like we usual do. We were able to sleep at lattiakaakeli's place, yay <3. At her place there were also two awesome persons like klakenkingi (CissyDella's bf) and Maletsu.

DAT LAG! CissyDella and klakenkingi didn't let me sleep that well, but I don't really mind about that anymore. We all woke up at somewhat same time (after 7 o'clock about.) We all had somewhat cosplay-rumble there! I was co…

Just a tiny change for cosplay plans..

This is nothing serious people! No need to panic! My cosplay for iltabileet (evening party) changes only!
For me this is a bit sad thing, I really wanted to get some pictures of my Shiny Umbreon gijinka read: I planned to have a photoshoot during the party.. But because my obi died, I can't. ;___; Luckily I have plan!
So the plans will change from this;
To this;

Character: Noriko Paku Series: Ao no Exorcist  It seems my friends are cosplaying from AnE, so why not? XD I do have that ribbon and a shirt. And that skirt is pretty easy to make! ^^  Sakuraba cosplay-wig works with Noriko just fine! o/

I won't keep you here any longer. This is my last post before Tracon! See you guys there! o/ <3

Uo-chan preview

As you guys can guess my Arisa cosplay is close to done, yay! I only need to finish that shirt. I'm sorry I don't have any better pictures of this, but I promise I'll have better pictures of this cosplay after con. Srsly guys, we must photoshoot!
I must say this cosplay is very comfortable and I love this long skirt. QwQ

Anygays, here's some pictures:

This is enough from this post, I'll leave you guys with this song! )O(

Tracon 8 cosplay plans here!

Tracon 8 is coming closer and closer. I changed my cosplay plans for Sunday probably over 9000 times, but now I think I've finally made my decisions. After this post, there is no turning back! Case closed! u_u

Saturday Character: Arisa Uotani Series: Fruits Basket I heard that there will be Fruits Basket group cosplay at Tracon and they didn't have Arisa cosplayer there, so why not? ^^

Iltabileet (=Evening party)
Pokémon: Shiny Umbreon I don't really enjoy those parties, but now I'm forced to go. I may not spend my time dancing, but if I can have any pictures of this cosplay (gijinka), I'm on! Last time (Animecon X) I cosplayed also Umbreon, but that gijika wasn't the actual one I designed, but this time it'll be that actual one. c: If I'm lazy/tired I'll just keep the Arisa makeup's and wig on and just change that school Uniform to Chinese-styled dress.
Sunday Character: Chizuru Yukimura Series: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan Chizuru time again! Ther…