The fate of Chizuru's wig // Something about Tracon

Again unnecessary post about wigs? =_=

Here's the thing, I bought a new wig for Chizuru. The other one was... well.. not as good as it could be (probably because I had to cut it for some reason), but it's okay! I have a new one now! And the old was able to be used for something else! You'll find that out later while reading this post..
This new wig I bought was a little bit too long and curly, so guess who had to show the straightening skills again? >8D
The wig before straightening and cutting.
Dem hair clips.
The lowest layers done.
Done. That clip is just there to show you guys how much I had to cut.
After cutting and putting it to a ponytail:
What happened to that old one? D:
-The old one became Kaoru-cosplay wig for ShiroLuna mah brotha! o/ <3

Still kinda thinking this is more like Chizuru than Kaoru idk...

And now about Tracon VIII! You'll see me cosplaying as Arisa Uotani (Fruits Basket) there on Saturday for 100% sure! I'm not sure about Sunday, but if I can't figure anything else out, I'll cosplay as Chizuru. The normal version, or the Sweet School Life version These two seems to be the strongest options and I'm pretty sure these two doesn't change ^^''. I'll post the plans here when I know better! Good bye now! o/


  1. Chizuuu 8DD <3 Oh yes, Kaoru peruukki :D <3 Odottelen innolla ittekin Traconii ja sun cossei.. pitäs itsekki päättää vihdoin Ahristuksen ja Luxendary Luxannan väliltä xD ja pitäs saada varmistus et pääsen... XD apua


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