Curly wig? Not anymore!

This is about my Arisa Uotani cosplay-wig. I bought it from from Cosplay-kirppis (Cosplay-Second Hand Shop). It was cheap and the color was good so I thought that would be a good wig for Arisa, but it was too curly. The seller told me I can straighten that wig, so I did. It was also a good practice for me (read: I'm studying to a hairdresser).
How did I start the whole operation? Well, first I had to choose the right tools. These tools I bought from school some time ago, and now I finally was able to USE them! And this time my tools were; a brush for fake hair, a little spray bottle (filled with cold water), 5 hair-clips, clearing comb and a straightener.

Le random picture of my hairdresser package, sorry :'D

 And these two pictures are my wig before I straightened it. As you can see, it's long and curly. These pictures are taken with my phone's camera, so they are not as good as they could be, excuse me for that.

And the process went sorta like this: First, I had to ask my brother to be my wig stand. After an hour he agreed. When he agreed and the wig was on his head, I made the "crisscross parting" for the wig and clip the extra hair on top of the head. I took thin sections of hair and straightened them. It was slow, but the best way.
3 lowest sections straightened up!
Sooo much hair left~~
Last layer and only half to go D:::
BACKSIDE DONE! [insert victory-dance here]
When the backside was done, it was time to straight the bangs. The bangs were pretty long, and after straightening them, they seemed to be even longer, which sure was a good thing because Arisa's hair is all long and straight. The top of the hair is wavy, like I care about such a small thing like that! >8D Wavy looks better in my opinion.
Here's some bangs-straightening-process-derp-pics for you, enjoy!

The good thing was this wig ain't that thick, straightening was so much easier. And yes, "the wig stand" changed. My brother was so done. :'D


This was it folks, more process about Arisa later! o/


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