A tiny change..

Just saying that my Saturday cosplay to Animeseminaari will change from this:

To this Unohana again...

So my plans will look like this now:


Character: Retsu Unohana
Series: Bleach


Character: Retsu Unohana
Series: Bleach

The reason why changing was that I don't need to carry that much things with me, all I need to pack is just one cosplay. And now I don't need to be afraid of wearing skirts! >8DDD

And I just noticed this is my first con withOUT Hakuouki this year! \o/

Aaaaaaaaaand now I'm going to pack my cosplays, byeee~ <3
See ya real soooooooooooooon~ >8D

Ei, en aio silti hakata ketään... ehkä >8D


  1. Unohana on hyvä! o/
    Suosikki hahmoni Bleachista! Joskin en tiedä mitä siin sarjas nykyään tapahtuu XD


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