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The fate of Chizuru's wig // Something about Tracon

Again unnecessary post about wigs? =_=
Here's the thing, I bought a new wig for Chizuru. The other one was... well.. not as good as it could be (probably because I had to cut it for some reason), but it's okay! I have a new one now! And the old was able to be used for something else! You'll find that out later while reading this post..
This new wig I bought was a little bit too long and curly, so guess who had to show the straightening skills again? >8D
The wig before straightening and cutting. Dem hair clips. The lowest layers done. Done. That clip is just there to show you guys how much I had to cut. After cutting and putting it to a ponytail: What happened to that old one? D: -The old one became Kaoru-cosplay wig for ShiroLuna mah brotha! o/ <3
Still kinda thinking this is more like Chizuru than Kaoru idk...

And now about Tracon VIII! You'll see me cosplaying as Arisa Uotani (Fruits Basket) there on Saturday for 100% sure! I'm not sure about Sunday, but if …

Curly wig? Not anymore!

This is about my Arisa Uotani cosplay-wig. I bought it from from Cosplay-kirppis (Cosplay-Second Hand Shop). It was cheap and the color was good so I thought that would be a good wig for Arisa, but it was too curly. The seller told me I can straighten that wig, so I did. It was also a good practice for me (read: I'm studying to a hairdresser).
How did I start the whole operation? Well, first I had to choose the right tools. These tools I bought from school some time ago, and now I finally was able to USE them! And this time my tools were; a brush for fake hair, a little spray bottle (filled with cold water), 5 hair-clips, clearing comb and a straightener.

Le random picture of my hairdresser package, sorry :'D
 And these two pictures are my wig before I straightened it. As you can see, it's long and curly. These pictures are taken with my phone's camera, so they are not as good as they could be, excuse me for that.

And the process went sorta like this: First, I had to a…

Oulun Animeseminaari - TURRRSAS and photoshooting

On Sunday night I came back home from Oulu's anime seminar alive. The seminar was only a small week end "con"in Oulu no shit Sherlock?.The con building was Valve, just like last year.

I started my journey to Seminar already on Friday. After school I went to Jennysja's place in Ii. Ii is pretty close to Oulu, so we were able to travel from Ii to Oulu on Saturday and Sunday. Uhm.. Nothing much to say about Friday, nothing really happened on that day. We were supposed to photoshoot our cosplays on that day, but we were too lazy so.. meh. >8D We both were mostly just making our last-minute-makeup-tests.

Laggy Saturday morning~ Me and Jennysja woke up at 8.00 o'clock in the morning! Soon after we woke up, Jennysja's two awesome friends tagged with us to the con in Mario and Wario cosplays! Btw, thanks for your company! <3 I was cosplaying as Retsu Unohana from Bleach and Jennysja was cosplaying as Rikio Kamamoto from K. Soon after we four arriv…

A tiny change..

Just saying that my Saturday cosplay to Animeseminaari will change from this:

To this Unohana again...
So my plans will look like this now:
Character: Retsu Unohana Series: Bleach
Character: Retsu Unohana Series: Bleach
The reason why changing was that I don't need to carry that much things with me, all I need to pack is just one cosplay. And now I don't need to be afraid of wearing skirts! >8DDD

And I just noticed this is my first con withOUT Hakuouki this year! \o/
Aaaaaaaaaand now I'm going to pack my cosplays, byeee~ <3 See ya real soooooooooooooon~ >8D
Ei, en aio silti hakata ketään... ehkä >8D

Oulun Animeseminaari cosplay plans!

Oulun Animeseminaari will be held on 17-18th August. It's not supposed to be a con, but for me, it is. A small one, but still~
Anygays, my cosplays there will be... [insert rumpujen pärinää here]

Saturday Character: Chizuru Yukimura Series: Hakuouki: Sweet School Life
I chose this version of Chizuru because of the simpleness of this design. It's comfy, easy and cute :'3 Though I'm going to have problems with that skirt.. I don't like wearing skirts :c
Sunday Character: Retsu Unohana Series: Bleach
Awwwwwww yeah! Finally it's time for Unohana! >8DD And guess what.. I got mah Minazuki back! Yay! Just awww :'3
Hell yes! This is it! Preview pictures of these characters hopefully before the seminar! Any photographers there? >8D
Okay, I'll leave you now, baiiiiiz~ <3