ToS Sheena cosplay wig time!

I bought my Sheena Fujibayashi cosplay wig from Jäätynyt Enkeli right before Skecon Thank you <3. 
It was a long dark-blue wig which was almost impossible to style! Or.. I thought so. I had to be super careful while cutting this.
Le reference picture
Here you can see how long the wig was before I cut it.
I didn't wear any makeup on and I looked super tired and derp. Draven is a great face censor.
Any process pictures I can't put here. My brother was working as my wig stand and I took some pictures, but brother doesn't want them to be published in here, even when I told him I could censor his face, but he still said no.

 Aaand here's an after picture of my wig

No, I'm not going to leave that ponytail like that. I will work on it later. 
Sorry for these crappy pictures of mine, I'm sure I'll have better ones when I make a Sheena-preview ^^''
Now then.. I'll just leave you guys with this:

Sairu-chan is making an exit! >8{D


  1. Hieno siit tuli 8DD <3 tyksin<3 ja lupaan kyllä vielä alkaa Zelokseksi.. XD vielä jonain päivänä! Ja Draven. Ei jumastuikka en vissii ole tartuttanu sulle sitä? XD

    1. Soon Zelos, soon! >8DDDDDDDD
      Ei, kuis ni? :'D En keksiny parempaa sensuuria XD

  2. Not Draven; Draaaaaven.
    Good luck with this ponytail :)

  3. Looking good! Is it the camera that makes the derp lighting?


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