Sakuraba Suzuka Preview

Today (2nd July) I woke up early and put my Sakuraba-cosplay on just for a try. I didn't put the offical cosplay makeup I designed for her, but I had all other cosplay-parts on..sooo...photoshoot maybe? c:

The cosplay itself was a little bit uncomftarble maybe because of that armor?, but I can get used to it, so it hopefully doesn't disturb me at the con~ ^^'' If it does I can take it off :3

Character: Sakuraba Suzuka
Series: Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi
Cosplayer: Me
Photographer: My brother
Edit: Me

Now please,say hello for my little friend Pinkpod <3

Sorry, I couldn't resist :'D 

Nothing else to say now~ 
-Sairu-chan is out-


  1. Aaaww yeeaa you are done with your Sakuraba cosplay! <3 Can't wait for Skecon now!!

    OMG Pinkpod, the best! :'DD

    1. Ahahahahaha, can't wait either <3

      I couldn't resist! >XD The original Metapod still counters over 9000 :'DD


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