Närcon 2013 // Camping and awesome company!

Before I forget everything what happened at the con...

My, Jäätynyt Enkeli's and Valkoinen Samurai's trip to Närcon started already on Wednesday though the con started on Thursday, but this is what happens if you live this far from Linköping. Hasakitsuki, you must come next year!! ;;A;; Anygays.. Nothing interesting happened during the bus or train trips, just normal derping hype-ing and talking. Soo.. nothing worthy enough to mention. ^^''

When we three arrived to Linköping none of us had no idea how to get to Campus Valla (aka. the place where Närcon was held at). Luckily we found a very nice group who seemed to have some kind of idea where it is. *phew* But that walking.. oh god.. It was so god damn hot and sunny day and walking to the con felt like taking forever.. But soon when I saw this...


When we finally made to the con and we got our arm band tickets, it was time to derp to the camping. We planned to chill for a while after a long walk and everything but we had to put that tent up first!

"I'll show you how it's done!" >8D
I did the most of the work, but that had a reason: I was the only one with experience of putting the tent up. Jäätynyt Enkeli and Valkoinen Samurai still helped me as much as they could! ^^
After chilling and everything we took our cosplay stuff and everything else needed aaaaaaaand headed to the con! \o/ My cosplay on Thursday was Chizuru Yukimura from Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan.
I have a few pictures of this cosplay actually.. 

Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

We didn't have any "actual" photoshoot, we just took a few pictures, nothing special.
On Thursday I was mostly walking around with Valkoinen Samurai, who was cosplaying as Hijikata Toshizo from the same series actually. There was a Hakuouki fangirl who saw us and told us our cosplays were great and asdfghj<3 and some other fangirling x3. She was so cute! ^^ She saw us earlier but she was just too shy to talk to us, I can really understand her.. x//D
Uhm... Nothing special actually happened on Thursday.. We were mostly just derping around, but I still enjoyed my time! ^^ I also bought a Hakuouki artbook hohooho Hakuouki <3 
When we two got tired we went to the camping. I went to check out the toilets.. which weren't so fresh.. which meant we decided to use bathrooms only at the con. There was this troubadour guy singing at the camping, his music was very enjoyable and beautiful and also funny x)

Let's start with a morning-lag picture..
As my dad taught me, sleeping in a tent is nice but waking up is the most disgusting part. The tent was hot as hell. Jäätynyt Enkeli took his cosplay first and headed to the con. When me and Valkoinen Samurai were about to leave the tent, it started raining.. a lot! Uhm.. The weather turned even more ugly than it first was and well, Valkoinen Samurai seemed to have some kind of a phobia of lightning/thunder. Luckily it didn't last for whole day, but still.. It was awful to see him like that ;__; I had no idea what to do, I tried to calm him down. Anyway, I was happy when it stopped, and we both were able to go to con finally! ^^ When we arrived we both put our cosplays on and headed to the CBG's room (read: Valkoinen Samurai was taking a part of Epic Cosplay Chess). We had some time to kill so we went outside and we found some other Finns. Suomi rinki <3 If you guys are reading this, you were awesome! <3 8D
We also had enough time to to photoshoot so it was my time to be behind the camera! I took pictures of Valkoinen Samurai's Okita Souji cosplay, you can see them right from his Närcon Summary. ^^
Erm, after the photoshoot it was time to Epic Cosplay Chess! I really enjoyed photographing that hohohoo~ I actually understood the whole story and everything~ >w<

  When that was over me and Valkoinen Samurai had gotten hungry and well, if you're hungry enough, you eat anything so.. we ate at McDonald's. Normally I of course wouldn't go there but as I said, if you're hungry enough, you eat anything. And the Närcon's grill line was never ending..

Laggy Sakuraba is laggy...

After we ate it was my time to be in front of the camera this time. (I have mention that the food was actually better than I expected :oo) But still! Valkoinen Samurai took pictures of my Sakuraba Suzuka cosplay..

Cosplayer: Me (Sakuraba Suzuka)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

 Onko se vain minä vai näytänkö pers-jalkaiselta?

Thanks Valkoinen Samurai for lending me your swords <3

 What would a photoshoot be wihtout them..
Niin hyvää puuta se on <3

After photoshooting this awesome sleeping bag passed us XD <3

The Almighty Sleeping Bag.. you were just way awesome!

After some walking around we two just walked around and soon found ourselves from the video game room. The Super Nintendo was free and well, there was this Donkey Kong Country game on so why not sit down, chill out and play? :'D Dem memories <3

After playing and derping we changed our cosplays to normal clothes and everything, my mascara decided to troll. It just spread all over my face and didn't go away :I. I was kinda pissed about this. I actually looked like I've cried or something o -o.

Oh well, we still carried on and went to the camping again and started to sleep.

Saturday was the day of our ToS group cosplay I've been looking forward to. Though I was a little bit tired and just felt like I don't want to put a cosplay on, but I did so anyway! I went out first and soon after me Jäätynyt Enkeli and Valkoinen Samurai. After I changed to my Sheena Fujibayashi cosplay there was this Roxas cosplayer who told me my cosplay looked awesome and Sheena is her favorite character from Tales of Symphonia and everything "Sheena fits you very well! You look good! sagdfsahg <3". I must thank her, I thought my Sheena cosplay was a failure but she gave me hope! c: And well, it didn't take long time before I saw another Sheena cosplayer <3 ^^ Anyway, I had a lot of time to spend before the ToS meet, so me and Valkoinen Samurai, who was cosplaying as Kenshin btw, went to cafeteria to eat some breakfast.

Heating my food~

When clock was 12:00, it was time for our ToS cosplay meet that Jäätynyt Enkeli arranged.
Here some pictures from ToS meet ^^

As you can see, I had no idea how to react :'D 


 "Not sure if.."
 And me blaming Zelos about everything >:I

Valkoinen Samurai took also some solo!Sheena pictures..

It was nice to hang out with you guys! You all were awesome! <3 Thank you! \o

When the ToS meet was over I went back to camping grounds to change my cosplay from Sheena to Tomoe Yukishiro. You seriously have no idea how HOT Sheena cosplay can be. Even though the neckline was well.. revealing and it shouldn't be that hot but.. oh well.. It still wasn't that bad. It was very comfy cosplay, but Tomoe was better option now.
When I changed after the first ten seconds there was this officer Caitlyn cosplayer who actually recognized me withOUT Kenshin cosplayer next to me. My mind was blown, it was so awesome <3. She told me she will search me and Kenshin later. Sad we didn't see anymore.. :c Anygays..
When I got back to the actual con area, me and Valkoinen Samurai walked around the con again. And soon... Photoshoot! \o/

Cosplayers: Me (Tomoe Yukishiro) and Valkoinen Samurai (Hitokiri Battousai)
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

After the photoshoot me and Valkoinen Samurai got hungry again so we two and Hitsuwa and some other awesome Finns tagged with us to the McDonald's again. Oh god I had fun! xD

"Hitsuwa, don't even think about it!! >8UU"

Anyway, you guys were awesome! Thanks for your company! <3 ;;w;;

After we ate, we took some double-Kenshin pictures, which you can see from Valkoinen Samurai's blog ^^
We went to play some Donkey Kong Country again and soooooooon went back to the tent.

Well now I had to hatch out from my Pinkpod and finally go to shower. That was a fast! The water was hot as fire and I had to be very careful during showering, I didn't want to burn myself ;__; Oh well, at least I went to shower! When I got back we packed our things, took our luggage out from tent and told bye bye for it!
 One of the hooks wanted to be different..

When we finally packed every single shit up we headed to the con, left our things to Garderoben and headed to the bathroom to change from normal clothes to cosplay. 
Me and Valkoinen Samurai photoshooted each other again. First I took pictures of his kimono!Masamune Date (Sengoku Basara) Massamuna<3 And then he took pics of my Momo Hinamori (Bleach) cosplay ^^ 

Cosplayer: Me (Momo Hinamori)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

 I actually tried to look cute in this, but.. meh.. :'D

Because I can't live without these...

I actually have gif material of this but when I'm lazy, I really am lazy!

Momo got tired of Massamuna's shit!

We also found umbrella's from the ground, approved! <3

We went to eat hamburgers from Närcon's own grill, though the line was long, but we weren't in any kind of hurry or anything so.. why not? ^^''
After we ate, we decided to photoshoot again!

Närcon was about to end so me and Valkoinen Samurai changed to our normal clothes (read: Jäätynyt Enkeli's cosplay was casual enough so he didn't need to bother). We took our things and called taxi. Because there is no fucking way we would walk again! We all got home safely. Nothing worthy enough t mention about the journey back. ^^

One last thing.. I can't remember what day (or actually night) it was, but this song has been stuck in my head, which was actually okay, I really like this song! <3

This is all, thank you everyone and now Sairu-chan says baaaii~ <3


  1. Aghdsgaf thanks for the company! <3 You need to come with us to Närcon in the future too!

    And if there is a Tales of Symphonia group next year I want to cosplay from it too!

    1. I don´t know if there will be Tales of Symphonia group like this year, but there will be cosplayers from Symphonia since there is talk about a Tales of Gathering at next year´s Närcon. Join us then.

    2. You're very welcome! <3 And hell yes I will ^^

      AWESOME! Do it! <3 8D

  2. I´m glad that you enjoyed the ToS meet, hope that you can come to future Närcons ~

  3. Yay, sounds like an awesome con!

    I didn't know you cosplayed Hinamori! I think the trying to look cute -photo is actually cute.

    1. It sure was! ^^

      asdfghjk Really? ;;A;; <3 Thank you!


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